Little Karen was still not conscious when I carried her into my room. I was excited though because there was another live being in the house besides me and Elron. I put her on my bed, dropped her schoolbag on the floor, and wondered what I should do next. First I looked through the bag. There was nothing in there of interest except her school diary, which I noticed had her address. If I wanted to I could carry this little girl back to her parents' home. Her parents might be worried if their little girl didn't come back home on time.

I sat on the bed and looked down at the little girl. It looked like she was in a deep sleep, and I thought about what I would do if she woke up. My eyes were on her legs though and I thought about taking a peek at her panties. Since I was inside my bedroom, nobody else could see except my cat Elron. Furthermore, Karen was unconscious, which means that she wouldn't know if I had been peeking at her panties. What someone doesn't know cannot hurt her, so I moved my hand towards the hem of her dress and pulled them up. While pulling the dress up I moved my face closer to her body.

As the dress was lifted up her meaty thighs were revealed. The two poles of flesh converged at the waist where her pink panties were revealed. They were plain pink panties with no pictures on them or anything. They fit on her very tightly, and between her legs was what looked like small bumps or hills. The bump between the little girl's legs was moving up and down as Karen breathed in and out. My eyes widened and my mouth formed an oval shape. Resting the hem of her dress on her chest, I put both my hands on the bed and moved my face down like I was doing pushups. My face came closer and closer to the panties, and suddenly my face registered the body heat radiating from her hip region. Not only did my cheeks register heat but my nose registered the warm sugary smell of the girl's body, a mixture of evaporated sweat from her skin as well as fluids including urine trapped in the fabric of her panties. I initially only intended to smell her panties, but when my face got too close I couldn't stop moving forward, and before I knew it the tip of my nose landed on the panties, pressing against the material. The mound underneath Karen's panties was softer than I expected. With this closeness, the smell was potent. I closed my eyes and like a drug the smell had an immediate effect as I could feel the warm tingling wave of pleasure inundating my whole body. My mind in particular felt delirious. Like a drug addict, I had to get more, so I moved my lips down and kissed her panties. My tongue came out and planted saliva on the material, soaking it instantly, but when my tongue felt the material my taste buds started to get busy picking up more flavors. The saliva soaked both her skin and her panties, absorbing the fluids in her panties as well as on her skin, mixing it all into one tasty solution that swirled all over my tongue.

My ears picked up noises coming from Karen's mouth. The wetness on her panties must have done something. Immediately I threw my face away from her panties and quickly threw her dress back down. If she woke up she might think she had wet herself accidentally. She didn't wake up though. Her eyes were still shut, although with her mouth she mumbled something. Her body moved around a little.

This was too dangerous. If she ever got out, she might tell someone, and I could go to prison. I didn't want to go to prison. I could, however, prevent her from telling other people by locking her up-or I could kill her.

I quickly dropped that thought. There was no way I could kill a small child. I felt guilty that the idea even came up in my mind. I didn't want to lock the girl up for the rest of my life either.

I got off the bed and stood up. An idea came to my mind, and I rushed out the bedroom and downstairs to the garage where I grabbed lots of soft nylon rope and a pair of scissors. When I came back to my bedroom I held the rope up as I stood and looked at the little girl lying still on my bed. I was about to tie her up-tie her arms and legs-but I realized that if I tied her too roughly she might wake up and start screaming.

Putting the rope down, I grabbed a black t-shirt near the base of my bed. I folded the t-shirt up into a long rectangle. The t-shirt was now like a blindfold. With my left arm I grabbed the base of the girl's head and held it up over my pillow. With my other hand I put the t-shirt underneath her head and then rested her head back down on the pillow. I grabbed the two ends of the blindfold/t-shirt and looped it over her eyes. This wasn't going to work, I thought, because the knot would be tied right above her eyes.

Grabbing the little girl's body, I pushed her and rolled the girl till she had her tummy against the bed and her bum facing up. This time I wrapped the t-shirt over the girl's eyes and tied a simple shoelace knot at the back of her head. When I tightened the blindfold, the girl started to move a little, but a few seconds later she was quiet and breathing peacefully. Wasting no time, I tied the girl's wrists behind her back with the nylon rope. I looped the rope around about five times. Next I used the remaining rope to tie her legs together by the shins. However, as I finished tightening the knot on the little girl's shins, Karen mumbled something barely audible. She was awake, that was for sure. She kept mumbling softly as she felt the movement of her limbs restricted. As she wriggled, her skin brushed up against my legs since I was kneeling on the bed. Karen started speaking.

"Hello? What…" She started struggling. "Daddy?"

As Karen spoke she sounded like she was about to cry. I could only imagine the fear she was in. She was waking up and not only could she not move but she couldn't see anything but blackness. If I had sleeping gas I could put her to sleep and she would probably never remember anything when she woke up next time. I didn't have any sleeping gas though. I rolled the little girl over till she was lying on her back. Having just felt my hands all over her body, she now knew that someone was near her.

"I can't see," she said, starting to sob. "I can't see!" She tried to move her arms presumably towards her eyes to see what had happened to her eyes, but she couldn't. Her hands were tied, and she was starting to struggle quite vigorously now.

I was about to say something to her, whisper something pleasant in her ear, but I hesitated. I didn't let her see me because I didn't want her recognizing my appearance, but what if she heard me and recognized my voice?

What if I whispered? When I whisper, I sound different.

Afraid to talk, I tried to calm the little girl by touching her face, lighting running my fingers along her smooth cheeks. This only seemed to scare her more. She sniffed loudly. I moved my mouth to her ears and whispered.

"It's okay," I said. "Just relax."

As I moved my face up past her face, I noticed her moist lips. I moved my lips closer to her lips, about to kiss her, but then I saw her bending her knees. Her arms were tied by the wrists behind her. This made it uncomfortable for her to lie down on her back because she was lying on her arms that were tied behind her. Although my bed was rather soft, she decided she wasn't comfortable enough. She bended her knees till they almost reached her chin and then moved her wrist down under her bottom, over her feet, and in front of her body. She straightened her legs. Now that her wrists were sitting on her lap-not behind her on her bottom-she could easily grab her blindfold.

And that was exactly what she was doing!

I grabbed the little girl's hands quickly, and Karen started to scream out once I did this.

To keep the girl's hands away from her blindfold, I actually sat down on the girl as she lied on her back. I sat down till I was sitting on her chest, facing her legs. My body blocked her hands from moving to her face. Her hands were tied by the wrist. The little girl was screaming fiercely, so I quickly looked around the bed to find something to keep her quiet. I found my old pair of underwear nearby, grabbed it, and stuffed it in her mouth. The underwear gagged the little girl and kept her quiet. Putting a finger underneath her nostrils, I felt the air from her lungs cooling my fingers. She could breathe from her nose, so the gag wasn't suffocating her as I initially feared.

To prevent the girl from taking off her blindfold, I needed to tie her wrists to her feet. Since I didn't have any rope left, I grabbed my pillow and took off the cover. I coiled the pillow cover, turning it into a meter-long piece of rope. Using this I connected the rope that bounded her arms by her wrists to the rope that bounded her legs by her shins. Now she couldn't move her hands to her face. Her legs were bound so she couldn't walk. She was blindfolded so she couldn't see. My underwear in her mouth gagged her and kept her silent.

Still kneeling on the bed, I looked down at the little girl. She was tied up and helpless now. No longer was she squirming. She seemed resigned now and kept still.

I heard the sound of the front door opening downstairs followed by footsteps. Dad was home!

I had to hide the girl somewhere quickly, so I lifted her up, settled her down on the carpet, and rolled her underneath my bed, making sure that when she finished rolling she was facing up. As I said, I didn't want to suffocate her. She would have to stay like this for maybe an hour or two, and when I came back she would likely be sore and hungry. I needed to get some food and water for her. I had to treat her almost like a pet or a plant. But she was more than a pet or a plant.

Walking out of the bedroom and heading downstairs, I was surprised to find that not only did my dad come home but so too did my mom. I smiled because it's rare for my mom and my dad to both be together with me-usually one or both worked-but tonight the family was complete: Mom, Dad, Me, Elron, and of course little Karen.