I opened the front door and let in both my mom and dad. While Mom and Dad were dressed in their dark suits, I wore a green t-shirt and pajama pants.

"Philip, get out of those clothes!" said Mom. "We're eating out tonight."

"Eating out tonight?" I started to worry. "Where are we going?"

"The Midori," said Dad, adjusting his tie in front of an ornamental wall mirror.

I looked blankly at my parents.

Dad looked at me. "It's a sushi restaurant, Phil. Don't tell me you'd rather to go to McDonald's instead! We can do better than that."

"How long will we be gone?"

Dad shrugged his shoulders. "Two or three hours maybe. Does it matter?"

"I…I think I want to watch something on TV soon."

"Just tape it. Use the auto-recording function on the VCR."

"I don't know."

"Come on, Phil, I thought you liked sushi."

"I do…but…well." I didn't know what to say.

Dad finished adjusting his tie and walked back up to me. "Go to your room and get changed quickly."

I ran to the kitchen first, grabbed a glass of water, filled it with tap water, and walked upstairs to my room with it. Inside my room, I locked the bedroom door and I put the glass on my desk. I kneeled by the bed and peeked underneath to see how my little girl was doing.

I rolled the little girl out from under the bed. She was facing up. I put a finger in the little girl's mouth and grabbed a piece of the scrunched up underwear in her mouth. If I took the underwear out from the little girl's mouth, what if she started screaming?

"Philip!" I heard my mom screaming from downstairs. "Are you finished up there?"

I had to give Karen some water, otherwise she might die. I had no idea how long it's been since she last ate or drank, but I knew for a fact that although humans can survive for long periods without food, humans needed water to survive.

If Karen started screaming, I could always cup my palm over her mouth and silence her.

When I took my underwear out from Karen's mouth, the scrunched-up ball of cotton was wet with her saliva. I held this wetness to my nose quickly and inhaled. Her saliva smelled good. It was sweet and warm at the same time.

The little girl didn't make any noise. I leaned over to my desk and grabbed the glass of water. Her mouth was already open, and I started pouring the water into her mouth. Karen was lying on the carpet with no pillow. Her back was against the floor. As I poured the water into the little girl's mouth, much of the water spilled out and ran along the cheeks of her face or onto her neck.

Something horrible then happened.

Karen started choking. Perhaps I should have warned her that I was going to pour water in her mouth. Water started shooting out from her nostrils, creating mists of water in the air as she continued to sneeze out water. Since she was perfectly horizontal, some of the water probably didn't go down her esophagus but instead went up her sinuses and out her nose again.

"No," she squeaked. "Don't do it."

I grabbed a pillow from my bed and positioned it on the side of my bed. I positioned the little girl so that her back was leaning against this pillow now. Although her bound legs were parallel to the floor, her upper body was now perpendicular to the floor. Putting the rim of the half-full glass to the little girl's moist pink lips, I tilted the glass and let the water flow into her small mouth. Little streams of water escaped from the edge of her lips and went down her neck towards her dress but not much. The little girl was trying to drink the water. Her throat wriggled rhythmically like the movement of pistons on the engine of a train.

When the glass was empty I pulled the glass away from her lips. The little girl burped a breath of fresh and cool air that landed on my face. Her little lips were moist and glossy. They were bright pink.

Very quickly, I picked out a random assortment of neat casuals for our sushi dinner tonight. Very quickly I put the clothes on. I was so quick I almost ripped my pants. I wore dark tailored jeans and a white Nautica t-shirt. Once dressed, I went back to Karen and laid her down flat on the carpet again.

"I'm hungry," she said.

I had to ignore her because I could hear footsteps from the stairs. One of my parents was coming up to get me.

My hands shoved my underwear back into the little girl's mouth, gagging her again. I then rolled the little girl underneath my bed, got up, unlocked the bedroom door, and walked out to find my dad just about to knock on my door.

"Your mother's waiting in the driveway," said Dad.

I sat in the back seat of the family's Mercedes S-Class as it drove through the city. It was dark outside, but the city lights kept everything visible. Melbourne was not like Las Vegas, but it was probably about halfway there. Recently a casino was built near the Yarra River.

Since our car had tinted windows, I could look outside without worrying that people outside would see me looking at them. As I looked outside, I noticed that the city seemed strange. The buildings seemed so desolate. The people looked so horrible. I saw people lining up to get into a nightclub, and all the people lining up were dressed brightly. The door to the nightclub was open, and when I looked inside I saw a burst of multi-colored light inside. The darkness, the vibrant colors, the bleak concrete and metal buildings-all these things made me feel strange.

I got out from the car and followed my mum and dad into the Midori restaurant. When I was on the pavement, I noticed the chill of the night air. Looking up at the skyscrapers, I started to get an impression of how large and vast this place was. The night chill went away when I stepped into the restaurant.

Very quickly we were directed to a seat and our food was ordered. Within minutes I was not only eating sushi but also okinomiyaki. As I ate, I kept thinking about Karen. She was tied up by the wrists and legs. Her wrists were tied to the legs so she couldn't move them up to remove her blindfold and gag. She was underneath my bed, probably sore and definitely hungry.

There's something strange about this restaurant-everyone was so quiet. This wasn't the first and only time I've been here. When I came here before, the place was quiet as well even though most of the seats were taken. It was as if people were afraid to talk too much.

I finished my okinomiyaki and sushi but then told mom and dad that I was still hungry, so they ordered more food for me. I ate only a little bit of my food before telling them I was full, so we had no choice but to bring the food back with us. Mom told the waiter to put my leftover food in plastic containers, which the restaurant staff did rather quickly. Now I had food for Karen.

On the way back home, as we got off the freeway and drove into the suburbs, I looked out of the window at the houses. As I looked at the houses, I kept reminding myself that people lived in them even though I couldn't see these people. I had no idea what happened inside their houses, just as nobody who drives by my house would know that I had a little girl tied up in my room. Since the walls shielded me from what happened inside the houses, I felt there was a whole world out there behind walls that I could not see, a whole world potentially filled with happiness that I could not reach.

When we got home, Dad stayed in the garage to do something to the car while Mom went inside and turned on the computer. She was going to do something online. As I walked by my mother with the food in my hand, she stopped me.

"Phil, are you going to eat that? I'm feeling hungry now, so if you don't want it…"

"No, Mom, I want to eat it."

I saw what my mom was doing online. She was reading the news. The page she had open right now was about car prices in Germany, but on the right-hand-side of the screen were links to other news. One link caught my attention: GIRL MISSING IN TOORAK.

I pointed to the link. "Look, Mom, that's where we live."

Mom clicked the link and to my horror a picture of Karen showed up on the screen. I felt weird looking at the picture of a girl who was also tied up underneath my bed. My eyes quickly scanned some of the words: …parents reported Karen missing at five…police have searched a nearby park but have found no traces of the 7-year-old girl. This has been a difficult time for father Michael. First his wife died in a road accident and now his daughter is missing. Although police suspect that Karen may have been a victim of kidnapping, her father Michael remains hopeful that his daughter will be found safe and alive.

"This happened right here in our neighborhood," said Mom. "It's hard to believe that psychos actually live around here."

"Yeah, I know."

Mom started logging off. "It's getting late. You want to use the computer now, Phil?"

"I've got one in my own room."

Mom nodded and turned the computer off. I never used the computer in the living room anyway because everyone could see what I was doing on it.

Dad arrived from the garage and went upstairs to bed. As Mom followed him, I went up and walked into my bedroom. I locked the door as I got in.

I rolled Karen from underneath my bed, lifted her up, and lied her down on my bed. She didn't seem to move. Her body was very warm. Her belly went up and down as she breathed. I figured she was asleep, so I removed my underwear from her mouth. But she wasn't asleep because she started talking as soon as the underwear was removed.

"I'm hungry," she said.

I heard a rumbling sound coming from her belly. I opened the plastic container and took out a chicken sushi. After squirting some soy sauce on it, I pressed one end of the sushi against the bottom of her lips. When the food made contact with her lips, I could detect a quick and small smile form before she opened her mouth wide to accept the food. The sushi was about five inches long, and I stuck about one inch inside. She bit on the sushi, closed her mouth, and started chewing on it. I took the now four-inch sushi away from her mouth and squirted some more soy sauce on the end that she had bitten off. I saw her swallow the food down.

"Mmmm that's yummy," she said. "What is it?"

I smiled. That was the first time I'd heard her say something that suggested to me she was happy or satisfied. I was about to say something, but then realized I shouldn't let her recognize my voice.

Instead of replying, I pushed the end of the sushi towards her lips again. She opened wide, I inserted the sushi, and she took another bite.

As Karen chewed on her second inch of sushi, I got up from the bed and went to the light switch near the door where I turned off the ceiling lights. I turned on the small lamp on a small bedside table. Since I was getting sleepy, I started to yawn.

"Are you sleepy?" she asked, her voice sounding so child-like. She had heard me yawn. "What time is it?"

She was lying on the bed, so I took my blankets and covered her body up to her chest. I then got in underneath the blankets. She would sleep with me tonight. Sleeping on a bed would be far more comfortable than sleeping on the floor.

"Why don't you talk to me?" she asked, now sounding sad.

I leaned beside her, my body touching hers. There was some rice on the corner of her lips, and since her hands were tied she couldn't clean herself up.

I straddled her and pressed up against her body. My chest was against her chest. I was on the little girl as if I was going to ride her like a horse. Her hands were between her and my body. Her hands were originally shaped into a fist, which hurt me because it dug into my belly. She then flattened her hands out. As I lied on the little girl, she became quiet. Because of the blindfold, I couldn't see her eyes, so I didn't know whether she was scared, but I assume she was. As she breathed her belly went up and down, and since my belly was against hers, I could feel this wave on my own belly. She was fully clothed and so was I, so there wasn't much skin contact.

My face was right next to the little girl's. She was so pretty. Her mouth was slightly opened, and her breath blew on my face. The air from her mouth smelled of sushi.

"W…What are you doing?" she asked with a slight quiver in her voice.

I brought my face down and kissed the corner of her mouth where the stray bead of rice was. With my tongue I licked it up and swallowed it. I then rimmed her whole mouth with my tongue, carefully licking off the greasy rice and vinegar till her lips were totally clean.

"Who are you?" she asked. "Please tell me."

I couldn't tell her. She was probably really scared at the thought that a stranger was on her. My hands snaked their way to her back. I grabbed her and pulled her body towards mine, trying to press her against me, to feel her whole body underneath me, her heartbeat, her diaphragm as it moved up and down, as well as the moisture of sweat that secreted from her skin pores.

The little girl started to cry underneath me. I couldn't see any tears in her eyes because I couldn't see her eyes because of the blindfold, but I could tell she was crying by the noises she made. As the volume of her crying got louder, I started to worry that my parents would hear.

"Shhhhhhhh." I put my mouth towards her right ear and very quietly whispered. "Don't cry. It's okay." My voice was so quiet I could hear the popping noise my moist lips made when they opened. Since I was whispering my voice didn't sound deep as it usually did. I had gone through puberty, and by now I had developed a deep voice. When I whispered though this deepness wasn't evident.

"Why are you whispering?" she asked.

Now that I thought about it, my whispering to her probably made me sound more sinister and evil. No wonder she still seemed scared.

I totally forgot about the food, so I grabbed the now three-inch sushi from the plastic container and pushed it against her mouth again. She opened her lips and accepted the food. I fed her not only the two sushis but also the okinomiyaki, which she seemed to enjoy.

When the food was all finished, her belly now felt warm and slightly bulging. I left the empty plastic containers on the bedside table. Her mouth was dirty this time not only from rice but also from sauce. Instead of using my lips like I did before, I wiped the edge of her mouth with my one fingers and then popped this finger into her mouth for her to lick. Her soft, warm tongue flickered over my finger, taking away the rice and sweet sauce. She looked so innocent sucking on my finger.

I got up from my bed and changed into my pajamas. I couldn't risk Karen making loud noises during the night so I decided to put my underwear gag back in her mouth now that she had finished eating.

Since it was getting late, I couldn't help yawning. It was a loud yawn as well, so Karen probably heard me. I reached over to the bedside lamp and turned the lights out. It was pitch black. This would be how Karen felt, but lucky for us we were both in bed, and navigating your way around a bed in the dark is not that difficult.

I closed my eyes. I couldn't see anything, but I still felt Karen's body near mine. I was lying on my bed on my back. The back of my head rested against the pillow. The blankets were all the way up to my neck. Karen's body, however, was completely covered with the blanket. She could easily roll over to the far end of the bed, but instead her body pressed against mine.

In a way I felt uncomfortable with Karen pressing up against me, and I started to wonder whether I would fall asleep tonight. It wouldn't matter anyway because I didn't have to get up early for anything tomorrow, and in a way I didn't want to fall asleep tonight because I was sleeping with this little girl.

I felt something press against me strongly on the belly.

What was Karen doing down there?

Reaching over to the bedside table with my left hand, I grabbed my Samsung mobile phone and brought it under the blankets. With my right hand I then pulled the blankets up till they were over my head. The fingers on my left hand pressed on the button on my Samsung and the liquid crystal display turned on, illuminating the area underneath the blankets. With the blanket just over my head, it felt like I was in a dimly-lit cave. The mobile phone gave off a soft bluish color. I could see in this warm claustrophobic cavity the pajamas on my body. Karen was lying on the bed near my right hand. She was tied up, gagged, and blindfolded. I watched the little girl as she tried to lightly wriggle herself into a comfortable position. Since she was blindfolded, she wouldn't know that I had turned on the mobile phone light under the blankets.

I grabbed the top of the blanket and pulled it up, bringing my whole body upward as well so that my belly was lined up with the little girl's face. With a hand over the little girl's head, I pressed her face down against my waist, feeling the skin on my belly brush up against her smooth soft right cheek. Just the feel of her baby smooth cheeks on my tummy made me aroused.

I started to think about whether it would be difficult sleeping with someone's underwear stuffed up your mouth. I inserted two fingers into the little girl's mouth, grabbed the underwear, and pulled it out slowly, ready to pop it back in if she started screaming. She was completely silent, so well behaved. As I moved the scrunched up underwear towards my belly I felt cold liquid dripping on the piece of skin where my right leg met my torso. Her saliva was dripping from the underwear onto my skin.

I wiped the saliva-soaked underwear over my tummy, feeling the little girl's slimy saliva smear all over me.

Suddenly the little girl sneezed. Her sneezing took me by surprise and actually scared me.

"Sorry," she said so quietly.

My right hand patted her on her back, reassuring her that I wasn't angry. She had actually sneezed on my belly, and as I dropped the underwear, to my excitement I could feel the little girl's slimy mucus and phlegm on my skin. She had sneezed it out from her nasal cavity and threw it towards me almost as if it were a gift for me.

My right hand touched the back of the little girl's head, my fingers playing with the knot that held her blindfold together. What if I took off her blindfold? Since the mobile phone provided light, she would see what was happening. I decided to keep the blindfold on.

Since my left hand had mucus, snot, and saliva all over it, I grabbed the mobile phone with my right hand and brought the phone out from underneath the blankets. Popping my head back out from underneath the blankets, I reached over towards the bedside table, sifted through the junk, and grabbed a candy cane that had been given to me two Christmases ago. I moved the candy cane to my mouth and with my teeth peeled off the plastic wrapping. Bringing the candy cane underneath the blankets, I rested it on my tummy. I then brought my right hand back out, grabbed the Samsung mobile phone on the bedside table, brought the phone back underneath the blanket, and then put my head back underneath.

The mucus and saliva on my left hand and tummy had now dried up. I rested the mobile phone on my tummy, grabbed the candy cane with my left hand, and with my right hand I held the back of Karen's head. I held her gently, not wanting to make her scream or anything.

As with the sushi, I pressed one end of the candy cane on the bottom of her lips. I pressed a little harder this time to emphasize to her that this candy cane was hard, not soft like the sushi. I hoped she didn't start biting on the candy cane because that might hurt her teeth. I wanted to say something to warn her, but I couldn't talk. As I said, if I ever did release her and she met me again and heard me talking, she might recognize my voice.

I softly pushed the candy cane into her mouth. Her teeth initially resisted the inward movement of the candy cane, but a moment later she opened her mouth and accepted about an inch. She started sucking and licking. I could feel the candy cane moving around as one end was in her mouth. After she had sucked on the cane for about thirty seconds, I pulled the candy cane out.

"Mmmm, lollipop," she said in a tone that made me uncertain whether she was asking a question or not. "I want more."

I pushed the candy cane back in her mouth and she started sucking on it again. I left it in there for about a minute this time.

My doorknob started clanking.

I froze.

Someone then started knocking quietly on my bedroom door. It was locked. It was probably Mom or Dad. What could they want? I was in big trouble if Mom or Dad found me with a little girl I had kidnapped. Immediately I turned on the lamp on the bedside table, got up, stuffed my underwear back into the little girl's mouth, and then laid her down on the carpet at the base of the bed. I then grabbed an MP3 player, stuffed both earphones into Karen's ears, and then turned the volume up till the music blasted in her ears. I then pushed the little girl underneath the bed. I couldn't roll her like a log this time because she wore earphones connected to an MP3 player. Poor girl probably thought she was going to have to sleep on the carpet for the whole night listening to my music.

I opened my bedroom door and saw my mom. She looked inside my room.

"Why did you lock your door, Phil?"

"I forgot to unlock from before," I said. "It was an accident."

She nodded. "I've got something for you, Phil." Her eyes looked tired, as if she just got out from bed.

"What is it?"

She pulled out my kitten Elron. "Your kitten woke me up. Keep her in your room, would you?"

"It's a boy kitten," I said, correcting her.

I grabbed the kitten, released him into my bedroom, and peeked out as my mom went back to her bedroom. This time she shut her bedroom door as she entered, probably not wanting any pets to disturb her sleep. It was important that Elron stay in my room tonight. If he played around in the kitchen he might break plates, glasses, or bowls. Since this cat was new, my parents hadn't had time yet to make the house safe for cats.

I locked my bedroom door and ran back to the base of my bed. Pulling the little girl out from under the bed, I took the earphones out from her ears. She was wriggling around. Her head swayed from side to side in a desperate attempt to throw the earphones out. I put one earphone in my right ear to test how loud it was. It was quite loud, almost at full volume. I needed to put the earphones on her so that she couldn't hear the conversation between my mom and me. If she heard she might recognize the voice or, worst yet, know who I was if my mom mentioned my name. The volume was very loud though. I hoped I hadn't made her permanently deaf or anything. Looking down at the little girl it was clear she was somewhat distressed.

I carried the little girl to the bed and sat her down on my lap. I decided to take out my underwear from her mouth. I felt she deserved it after I had blasted her ears with loud music. Right after I removed the gag, the little girl spoke.

"Please don't put that in my mouth again."

I pressed my mouth against hers this time and kissed her on the lips. I loved her moist mouth.

"Who are you?" she asked. "Where am I? Am I dead? Am I in Heaven?"

I smiled. The girl thought she was in Heaven. I decided maybe it would be nice to try to fool her into believing she actually was, so I rested my mouth close to her ears and whispered.

"Yes, you're in Heaven now."

Karen spoke. "How did I die?"

"A baseball hit your head."

"Is my daddy sad?"

"Yes, your dad is very sad…so is your mom." My throat was starting to get sore with all the whispering.

The little girl started sniffing. "Where is my mommy? Can I see her?"

"She's at home with your dad."

"No, mommy's in Heaven."

I understood now. Karen didn't have a mother.

As the little girl sat on my lap, I could feel her body getting warmer. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was two in the morning. No wonder I was so tired. Karen was probably tired as well. I decided it was time I tried to get some sleep.

I continued whispering. "When you speak, don't make too much noise."


"Other people are sleeping. You'll wake them up. Aren't you tired?"

"I'm very tired," she said. She then paused for a few seconds. "Did you kiss me before?"

"Yes, I did kiss you. Would you like another one?"

Karen smiled. "I need to go wee wee now."

If she needed to go she needed to go. She couldn't hold it in forever. I was going to have to carry her all the way to the toilet, which was risky because, on my way to the toilet, maybe my mom or dad might catch me. It was a risk I had to take.

"Can I wee now?" she asked.

"No," I said. "Only start weeing when I touch your nose."

I carried the little girl over to the bedroom door. When I opened the door, Karen started babbling something, so I shooshed her in case one of my parents were near. Apart from the little bit of moonlight, the corridors were quiet and dark. I walked back to the bedside table and grabbed my mobile phone. I might need it to produce light. With the Samsung in my pocket, I carried the little girl outside into the corridors. There was a bathroom about ten meters away from my room. As I walked though, my body was much heavier than it usually was since I was carrying a little girl. Because of the extra weight, every step I took concentrated more force on the floor directly underneath my feet. The wooden planks under the carpet started stretching.

I finally arrived at the bathroom entrance only to realize that the light bulb didn't work. I flicked on the switch about five times before fully convincing myself that I would have to somehow make the little girl urinate in almost pitch darkness.

Luckily, the bathroom was not completely dark. A small window about a foot in width and length let in dim rays of grey moonlight. I could just see the toilet from where I stood.

"I need to wee!" said Karen.

I locked the door and carried the little girl over to the toilet, walking especially slow now because of the darkness. I was afraid that I was going to trip over something. Now that I was walking on bathroom tiles I was no longer afraid of making noises.

When I got to the toilet, I put Karen down, letting her stand near the toilet as I took off my pants and sat down on the toilet seat. I pulled up the hem of Karen's dress, grabbed her panties, and pulled them down her legs. Since it was so dark I couldn't make out much detail on the little girl's body even though I was very curious to see Karen's privates.

After taking off rope from her shins, I lifted the little girl up by her hips and placed her on my lap. She faced me as she sat on my lap. Each of her bum cheeks rested on the top of my thighs. Both her legs extended towards the back of the toilet. Her feet could probably just touch the u-bend.

My hands wrapped around Karen's upper body. I pulled the little girl towards me till her chest touched mine. Her face landed inches from mine. Karen's hands were bound in front of her body, so it was a little uncomfortable for her. Although our chests made contact and we were facing each other, Karen's hands were sandwiched between my belly and her belly. Since the little girl's face was right next to mine, I could feel her breath on my face-the cool, fresh air from the body of a little girl. Even though only a trickle of moonlight spilled inside the bathroom, some of that light arrived at her face. If she weren't blindfolded her eyes might glisten. I suddenly felt such a desire to look into her eyes, to see inside her. So much can be learned about a person simply by looking into her eyes.

Bringing my mouth to her face, I kissed the tip of Karen's nose.

She started to urinate on me. I heard the trickling noise of liquid. Warmth started to envelop between my legs. Splashes of urine landed all over my belly and upper thighs. The urine stream drilled into my skin, and I opened my mouth involuntarily to gasp. As I gasped, my arms squeezed more tightly against the girl's body, pressing her body closer to mine till I felt her body merging with mine, her heartbeat reverberating against my body. She radiated warmth and I absorbed it, filling the once empty void in my body with her essence. I felt like I was really in Heaven.

Her urine flow started to weaken. I sat for a while, looking at the moonlight from the window. As my face came close to her face, I felt her hair strands tickling my face, so with a hand I lightly brushed her hair back. I laid her face against my left shoulder and waited for her to finish urinating. She was almost finished. It was hard to determine when she was really finished because, although she may have stopped urinating, urine could still be dripping all over my body in between my legs.

When I was fully convinced that Karen had finished urinating, I was about to lift her up by the hips and stand her up, but as I lifted her head from my shoulders I could hear her breathing very slowly. Her mouth was opened. Since she was blindfolded, I couldn't see her eyes, but it looked like she was asleep. In fact, when I lifted her up a little, her body seemed limp, which suggested that she was indeed asleep.

With my left hand I held Karen up, careful not to rock her too much lest she wake up. With my right hand I grabbed some toilet paper, folded it up, and dabbed it softly between her legs. The toilet paper must have absorbed the urine beads between her legs because I felt moisture on my fingers.

Very crudely I dried my belly and hamstring with more toilet paper before lifting up my pants and carrying Karen back to my bedroom.

While lying in bed with Karen sleeping by my side, I noticed that my fingers still held the scent of the little girl's sweet urine, and I held my smelly fingers underneath my nostrils as I lied in bed.

In my mind I could still see Karen. Images of her sweet smiling face sustained me. As I started to get really tired, I touched Karen's pretty face as she slept. Then with my tongue I licked her face, moving the sweat-and-saliva mixture around, up her nostrils and I even plowed some of the liquid into her mouth.

After a while, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.