I walked to my bedroom window and looked out into the suburbs. It was afternoon and the clouds were grey. The houses all looked serene. Most houses had many cars parked in the driveway. It was Christmas, and government regulations forced most businesses to close today. This was why most people stayed at home, which was why so many cars were in the driveway.

The living room looked different during the holiday period. Although we still had artwork on the walls and antiques displayed on benches, we also had a Christmas tree in one corner of the room. The couch was in the middle of the room and Dad was sitting on it. He watched TV by himself. From the living room I could see outside through giant glass sliding doors into the backyard. The sun was setting outside.

We adopted Karen permanently. She was now legally my little sister. My parents initially wanted to be fashionable and adopt an infant girl from China, but now that we had Karen we were going to postpone the Chinese adoption because my parents didn't want to take care of too many children at once.

My eyes scanned the living room again. Karen sat by the many presents piled up underneath the Christmas tree. The little girl wore a pale lime green tank top and a denim skirt that went down to her thighs. She wore black socks with no shoes. The socks were short and barely covered her shins. Her smooth legs were exposed to me. She saw me approaching and looked up at me.

"Do you have a present for me?" she asked.

I kneeled down on the carpet. "Yes, I do have a present for you."

She giggled before leaning underneath the Christmas tree. She stared at the fireplace for a moment.

I noticed that Karen looked really nice as she stared at the fire with her little mouth opened in wonder. She stared at the fire as if she had never seen flames before. A moment later, she looked at me as if she had caught me staring at her.

"Do you have a present for me, Philip?"

"It's in my bedroom."

"Can I see it?"

"Come up to my room then."

Karen followed me as I walked out of the living room. Both she and I arrived in my bedroom a few minutes later.

I kneeled on the carpet and took out my Christmas gift. The little girl closed the door behind her as she entered. Sensing darkness outside, she turned on my desk lamp and sat on my bed. Since the desk lamp faced down on my desk, most of the light in the room was a reflection of light bouncing from the surface of the desk.

"Here it is," I said, holding up a box.

Karen grabbed the big box and started tearing away the wrapping paper. When she tore off all the wrapping paper, she held up the box and said, "What's this?"

"It's a box. Open it up."

The little girl opened the box. Inside was a small dog lying in a pile of shredded newspapers.

She looked at me. "You got me a puppy dog?"

"You don't like it?"

"I like it!" She reached inside and touched the dog with a finger. "Why is it not moving?"

"It's tired from being in a box for so long," I said.

Lily stared at the dog for a few seconds before looking up at me. When we made eye contact, she smiled briefly.

Elron walked into the room and the dog started barking.

I woke up and before my eyes was the bedside clock whose LED display read 9:00 AM. This was unusual because usually I got up much later, maybe four hours later. When I noticed someone poking me through my pajamas, I turned around and saw Karen. She was also in her pajamas, light yellow pajamas.

"Philip," said Karen. "I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry."

Since my mom and dad often worked, I often had a chance of babysitting the little girl. I often pretended that I didn't want to do this, but really I did.

I got out of bed and put on my slippers. "What do you want to eat?"

"I want pancakes."

"That takes a long time to make."

"I'll go have a shower and when I finish it will be ready. Okay, Philip?"

I loved it when Karen had a shower. As I heard the little girl scurrying off into the bathroom, I loaded up my computer. You see, I've installed a high definition spy camera in the bathroom. This camera beams the images back to my PC.

When I loaded up the program, I saw Karen standing in the shower naked. The actual camera was inside the shower, behind one of the tiles near the soap holder. There was a small hole in the wall that everyone thought was for leftover water from the soap holder to drain. I had to zoom out a little to see most of Karen's beautiful body.

Whenever my mom had a shower she would furiously rub her whole body. It was as if she were trying to get the job over and done with as quickly as possible so she could get out and do something else. Karen, on the other hand, often took her time in the shower. As I watched her, I noticed she was barely moving, just letting the warm water trickle down her body.

Karen has been my little sister for under a month now. In that time I have kissed her on the mouth once. She was trying to mimic what she had seen on TV. The kiss only lasted two seconds though because Karen complained it felt funny. Another time little Karen was scared after watching a horror movie and wanted to sleep in my bed. While she slept with me I rubbed my body all over her body. It reminded me of when I first kidnapped her. I haven't done anything more extreme than that because I didn't want her getting upset when she grew up, but I've been recording videos and pictures of the little girl so much that I had almost 20 gigabytes of CDs with images of her. It was all encrypted of course, all stored away for my private needs.

I have already installed a spy camera in the shower, but my next plan is to install a spy camera in the family toilets so I can get audio-visuals of the intricate movements in my little sister's orifices as she defecated and urinated. I would experience the sight, the sounds, but unfortunately not the smells. This was my next step once I got tired of the images of little Karen naked in the shower.

I may not be the best brother, but at least little Karen wasn't with her old father.