One lake; the embodiment of human emotions, placid and churning,
both false and true, its facades are more than just illusions.

What can you do when all that holds you back is yourself?

We are our own masters; we hold the strings to our own fates,
and yet with so much power, we are still forever weak.

It is said that love knows no bounds, that doesn't mean there aren't any.

Our own ignorance is our biggest weakness,
we're blind to our own infallible faults.

We're walking in the mists of life with our eyes closed.

Groping desperately for fleeting glimpses at perfection,
we never see that we have everything we'll ever need.

Until we open our eyes to our own innate flaws,
we cannot hope to be truly happy with ourselves.

We can search a lifetime, and nothing will ever have meaning.

It's easy to blame someone else for our own mistakes,
we can always pass the blame on with no charge.

It takes true strength to recognize and work with our weaknesses,
with balance and wisdom, life can truly ascend magnificence.

Until then, our heads will always be held just beneath the surface of that lake,
that one lake that holds all of our emotions and desires, our one true sin.

The only thing bigger than a snake and smaller than an apple is choice.

Our biggest strength is our ability to control our individual fates,
this single innate power is what gives us the power to fight time.

Please, open your eyes with me, love,
together, let's fly away into that waiting sunset.

Time means nothing to us now, our faith is all we need to stay strong.

Together, we'll fight to pick up the pieces of Adam and Eve,
we'll put together our pieces and rewrite the future to fix the past.

Curiosity was our first sin, let our fear of the unknown be our last.