In a pool of blood I lay

Why do I always end up here

I visit everyday

And sometimes sleep there

My tears mix with my blood

A swirl of white and red

Hypnotized to sleep

Only to wake up in bed

My body limp and numb

The blood stains on my skin

How could I be so dumb

To let people like them in

Silence but my tears

Unheard every cry

No one wants to hear them

For their contentment, I lie

Horrors all around me

They aren't black, but pure white

They scratch and I bleed

But worse is their bite

Their teeth sink in my flesh

Causing me to wretch in pain

Then I relive my life

And I'm traumatized again

Please someone find

Don't leave me here todie

I wait as long as I can

But I'll continue to cry

Sushi: Yeah, this one is dark. I plan on doing some more with it later. Hope you liked it.