Author's Note: Well, this is probably not what you thinks it is. I have a twist, but I having problems getting the tenses to work out. This is as best as I can figure it out. If anyone wants to help. Please help me! Hopefully it flows smoothly. Will be slow work...Sorry.

The Adventures of Noah and Moses


He steps softly on the soggy grass, his feet stealthily tiptoeing over a wide lake of green that glistens darkly in the moonlight.

An ominous rumble of thunder rolls over the distant hills reminding the boy of what it was like to stand in the basement of a bowling rink, hearing the thump of the ball as hits the floor and rolls down the alley, and the crash as it topples the pins with a shattering crash.

The little boy had liked bowling very much, though he had never been an exceptional player. His older brother had taught him to play, before he went off to be taken in the war. His cause of death was not from the brutal trench combat or from the mustard gas, but from the deadly Spanish flu that had arisen with full viral vengeance out of the world's gene pool to kill the middle generation. Consequently, society was much lacking in a substantial number of births in the following years.

The boy had had the flu as well, but it had not affected him the way it did others. In his feverish state, he traveled to many new worlds in new dimensions and discovered many things about the universe and earth, knowledge that no other human being knew. As he lay sessile for days and his mind wandered the depths of the unknown, his mother and father had wasted away into shriveled blue prunes. They were not alone.

Far away, another lay suspended between dimensions. He lay as though dead, the only sign of life coming from the small shallow whistles as the breath rattled around in his lungs. He had no relations having been abandoned as a small child in the streets of Paris. Thankfully, a kindred man had found the small, half frozen bundle and brought him back to life, and then sent him off to a big busy orphanage.

The boy never met the man who had resurrected him, and nor had he cared very much since there had been so many other things to be concerned about. After all he had been just a little boy with the rest of his life in front of him to seek out his rescuer.

As of now, he is quite unconscious to the cool wash clothe pressed against his clammy flesh. He is off in another dimension exploring a wide expanse of black green grass hunting for some form of suitable shelter from the impending storm.

As he started off toward a small cluster of trees, he thought he heard the stealthy steps of a follower, and turned slightly to look out of the corner of his eye to try and perceive his stalker. When he saw that it was only a young boy tiptoeing quietly up upon him, he spun quickly around and tackled the small body into the dewy grass.

Thus was how Noah met Moses.