Life as the Actor's Daughter

Chapter 1

I parked my car in our circle driveway, walked up to our huge house, which most people would call a mansion. The house contains at least 20 rooms. The 20 rooms included the main entry into the house because it is so magnificent and grand and contains the grand staircase to upstairs. The other rooms of downstairs included the kitchen, dining room, family room, game room, a small sitting room, dance room, and next to that was a party room, and a guest bathroom which was a half. Upstairs we have another half bathroom, five bedrooms (one was mine which was connected to a bathroom and another was my fathers which was the master bedroom which included of course the master bathroom). Then along with two of the other five bedrooms included bathrooms. Then we have a drawing room upstairs too. Outside in the back we had a gigantic backyard with a gigantic pool and a hot tub. So I am guessing that you are jealous now but don't be you will see why soon enough. I walked into the front door. Our butler Steven greeted me. He was an old skinny man who didn't say much unless I asked him something.

"Steven is my dad here?" I asked knowing that the answer was probably no.

"No I am sorry Melanie, but he left you something on your bed." He replied.

I walked up the stairs and down the hallway to my room. My room is a decent size as you walk in you see my balcony doors. Then you turn to your right and there are my closet doors that are full-length mirrors. To your left are my bed and nightstands and a huge poster of Fall Out Boy on the wall. The wall that is behind you contains my computer desk and dresser that contains a mirror. The color of the walls of my bed and my closet doors were orange and the other walls were blue. I had a queen-size bed with a dark blue bedspread. Back to the story, I looked over to my bed and on it, there was a basket full of presents with a letter attached. I went over to my bed and took the letter off the basket and read:

Sorry to inform you in a letter Melanie, but I had to go to New York to film a new movie. Steven and Isabel will look after you. I will be home in a few months and I will call you every night to see how you are doing. I know that's not enough for you but that is as good as I can do. Again, I am sorry so here is a little gift.



If you were wondering, Isabel is the cook and housemaid. Okay normally someone would be happy to get a gift but he did this everytime and I didn't want a gift I just wanted my father to be around more. I took the stuffed cat from the basket and threw it at the closet door mirrors. I went over to pick it up after feeling bad for throwing it and took a good look at myself in the mirror. Who was I? By the way, I have baby blue eyes and light dirty brown hair. I call it dirty brown because its more brown than blonde. As I looked at myself, I started to cry. Why was my world so complicated? I went back over to my bed with the stuffed cat, set the basket on the floor, sat Indian style on the bed, and dialed my best friend's number on my cell phone. It rang a few times before he picked up.

"Hey Mel, What's up?" asked Jesse.

"Hey what took you so long to answer the phone?" I asked.

"Oh sorry I was talking to my mom." He said.

"Well my dad did it yet again. He left for a few months and left me a present because he felt bad yet again!" I said sniffling.

"Awe I will be right over sweetie." He said hanging up.

A half-hour later I was laying on my bed on my stomach with my head in the pillow. There was a knock at my bedroom door.

"Come in." I said looking up at the door.

Jesse came in. He has black hair with red tips it is about two inches long which he wears it flat down and somewhat covers his eyes sometimes and he has emerald green eyes. He dressed in punk clothes, the whole tight jeans and tight T-shirt thing.

"Awe sweetie." He said coming in and sitting on the bed next to me.

I sat up.

"Why does he always think that he can buy me things to make everything better?" I asked while wiping the tears off my cheeks.

"Because he probably thinks its better for you to have something since he can't be here with you…" Jesse suggested while rubbing my back.

"I was so excited to tell him I got the solo in choir for the concert, but he wasn't here for me to tell." I said crying.

"I know how important getting the role was for you and I am sorry that you cant share it with your father." He said grabbing me and holding me close to him.

I cried into his chest.

"Hey want to go sit outside and eat ice cream and then maybe go swimming or skinny dipping like we use to back in the day?" he asked with a giggle.

I smiled.

"Sure that sounds fun." I said.

We got up, I wiped my eyes, and we went downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed some ice cream bars on the way outside. We went out to the back porch, sat down in chairs, and opened our ice cream bars. I took a bite and so did he.

"Have you told your parents yet?" I asked.

"No I haven't found the right time to tell them I am gay." he said.

"Is there even a right time to tell them?" I asked.

"No not really, but I bet they will blame it all on you because of all the time I spend over here. Like how we played Barbies when we were little." He said smiling.

"Those days were hard days and you knew how to make me feel better." I said.

"Yeah so change of subject because that's a sad topic. How was your day?" he asked.

"Well a guy at school asked me out on a date for Friday." I said.

"What did you say and who was it?" he asked eagerly.

"It was Wesley Monroe and I said no." I said.

"What! Why? He is the hottest guy at school." He yelled looking shocked.

Wesley was the hottest guy at school. He is tan, 5'9. He has abs, brown hair, and brown eyes. Every girl in school wanted to be with him.

"Well first off I get asked out everyday by a different guy because of my dad being famous and all. I don't want to date someone because they want to meet my dad and be in the spot light." I said.

"Yeah I totally agree with you and all but how do you know that, that is why he was asking you out?" he asked.

"First off he's the hottest guy in school so why would he ask me out. Second why would anyone want to date me for me?" I asked.

"Mel you are beautiful and you have a fabulous personality." He said hugging me.

We had both finished our ice cream. We stood up and started to walk by the pool.

"Thanks Jess." I said.

"You should at least give him a chance." He said.

"Okay I will make a deal with you. When you tell your parents that your gay I will give Wesley a chance." I said.

"Fine deal." He said pushing me into the pool.

As I fell, I grabbed him dragging him down with me. We still had all of our clothes on.