Take Your Time

By xInSaNexBlOoDyxPrInCeSs

I remember one day in seventh grade

Our Band was on the way to Disneyland

And we were watching Aladdin on the bus

When Aladdin and Jasmine kissed,

I heard this from the back of the bus…

"God, they've only known each other for a day!"

And our Chorus teacher retorted,

"Actually, this is the second day,"

And caused us all to explode in laughter

But the point is,

Even though we love Disney

It's kind of true

It happens everyday

People kissing two days after they meet

Getting married three months after

All because they're worried

Of becoming old, single people

And looking desperate

Yet, I truly, truly think

That you should take your time

Because love is not a race

A race is something where…

You want to finish first, no matter what

So you run and run and run…

And you try to become the first one

Over the finish line…

But that isn't the point of love

The point of love, if there is one,

Is to love the other person as much as possible

And get them to love you the same way

Love should not be competitive

You shouldn't have to worry

About what other people think

Only live for you and the other

I truly, truly think

That you should take your time

Why should you hurry in love?

You've got your entire life to love

And life is the longest thing you'll ever do

Love, love, love

It's so important in life, isn't it?

To love and be loved

So don't be in a hurry

Don't be rushed

Just remember

Take your time