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Mark held the phone to his ear and waited for the person on the other end to pick up.

"Speak to me," a female voice came over the other end and Mark sighed.

"Hey," he replied quietly.

"Hey sexy, what's going on?" Mark sighed and put his feet up on the coffee table in his apartment.

"Nothing much," he replied.

"Uh huh, how was the first day?" Mark had to smile his sister lived in Maine and they talked almost daily and she knew all of his problems.

"It went well, Steve jus happened to forget that John was working on this film too," he said and Katie swore on the other end.

"That's a small thing to forget," she said, her voice low.

"Well he doesn't know the whole story, no one really does," he replied and heard her sigh.

"Are you going to be ok? I mean chemo just stopped and you don't need that kind of stress, on top of this kind of movie?"

"Kate," he said rubbing his eyes feeling tired. "I'll be ok, as long as he doesn't want me to be friends."

"Hey, look Amber needs a bath so I'll talk to you tomorrow ok?" she asked and Mark sighed.

"Yeah, of course, talk to you tomorrow. Love you."

"Love you too sweetie," she said and hung up.

Mark put the phone back down and stood up walking to the balcony and stared out over the city. He lived outside of Hollywood in a smaller apartment complex. In the last two years he had disappeared out of the spotlight. He looked down at the bushes below the balcony when he heard rustling and flinched back when he was blinded by a camera flash.

"Hey Mark, so you'll be coming back to Hollywood?" a voice called and he glared down at the man.

"Go away," he said and turned back and went inside, closing the doors and blinds, ignoring the rest of the man's questions. Walking to the kitchen he pulled out three medicine bottles, opened each of them and grabbed a glass of water and washed them down. Turning, he made his way into the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and then into the bedroom where he quickly changed and fell into the large bed and laid there for a few hours before finally falling into a restless sleep.

Leaving his apartment the next morning, he was annoyed to find several reporters outside of his apartment building, shouting questions at him. Pushing past them, the hat pulled low over his eyes and his sunglasses pushed up he dashed to the cab that was waiting and leaned back as soon as he was in and gave the driver directions and slunk down into the seat.

"Hey Bob," he said walking into the barber shop that he had been going to for years and the older man turned and grinned at him.

"Mark!" he cried and turned one of the chairs around so Mark could sit. "I haven't seen you in ages," he said as Mark sat.

"Yeah, how've you been?" Mark asked and pulled off his cap.

"I've been good. Cancer came back huh?" he asked grabbing the clippers.

"Yeah, I've started a new movie and I need a buzz cut," he said and Bob nodded.

"Great, we can take care of it," he said and made quick work of what little hair Mark had grown back. "Well there you go," he said and turned Mark so he could look in the mirror and Mark nodded.

"Thanks Bob," he said standing and pulling out his wallet and handed him a twenty.

"Don't think of it," Bob said grabbing the broom.

"Right," Mark said and walked towards the register and placed it on the outside without Bob seeing.

"Thanks Bob," he said again.

"Come back and see me," Bob called back and Mark nodded before walking out of the shop. Turning to hail a cab, he noticed the large group of reporters heading his way and he sighed as the cab pulled up. He jumped in as the reporters reached him and he turned his back to them and put his head in his hands, wondering why he was doing this.

The cab pulled up outside of the studio and he climbed out and made his way inside, the moment he stepped inside Angel jumped on him again.

"Aren't you so excited?" she cried, dragging him down the hall. "This is your first movie in two years, aren't you excited?!" Mark tuned him out as she babbled on

"Hey," a quiet voice said from behind them and they turned to see John standing there.

"Johnny!" Angel cried and jumped from one to the other.

"Hey," Mark said turning and walking away from the two as Angel started babbling to John and made his way to the conference room that they had used the day before and grabbed a cup of coffee and a donut and sat down in the empty room. A few minutes later John walked into the room without Angel on his arm.

"Hey," he said, grabbing a donut himself and a cup of coffee before sitting down and looking at Mark. "Did you get your hair cut?"

"Yeah I got my hair cut," Mark said finally taking a good look at John and noticed that he had gotten a buzz cut and was reminded of how good looking he was. Quickly turning away, he took another drink and a bite of his donut.

"Are we ever going to be friends again?" John asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Doubtful," Mark snapped and was relieved when the door opened and two of the writers walked in, soon followed by Ron Edwards and Angel.

"Are we all ready to get this under way?" Ron asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Seems so Ron," John replied and Ron nodded and Ron sat down.

"Great, we'll be heading to Nevada where we'll be shooting most of our scenes in about an hour, please be ready," he said and stood after they had ironed out the rest of the details. Everyone had left, but Mark stayed behind, thinking of what he was doing. Spending months in such close proximity to John could be a hazard to his health, not to mention his health wasn't the greatest as it was. He put his head in his hands and looked up when the door opened to reveal John standing there.

"There you are," he said and Mark stood as if to leave but John got in his way. "Mark," he started but Mark shook his head and tried to push past him. "We can't work on this movie together like this Mark," John said trying to get through to him again.

"Well I don't see anything changing between us unless you know how to change the past," Mark snapped.

"How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?" John asked almost desperately.

"Do you understand what you did?" Mark asked him staring him in the eyes.

"Yes, and I'm sorry!" John said, his eyes pleading for Mark to forgive him.

"Look John," Mark started but was interrupted by John's lips on his own. John stumbled back a few steps when Mark pushed him away a moment later and was surprised at the tears he saw in the other's eyes.

"Don't do that again," Mark said quietly and pushed past him.