Sometimes its best when you

Realize the facts but believe in change

Learn from your mistakes and then warn others

Love everybody like everyday that goes by

Cries, Laughter, Cures, Hoping, should be done with a open heart

Don't run from the imperfections , reparations are hidden within the treasury box of aids

Just Close your eyes and I'll kiss you upone the head

And gently say," you silly,experiences like these are going to be forgottened".

Calm let me embrace through the sheets of emotions,write poems,replay thoose memories,write in your diary,if the feeling smooth the others in,your doing them good,now they know that they are not alone.

Walking inside the crowd seeing people stand.

All with thoughts wearily racing inside their mind.

But what do yours Say

Say you Love

Say you Love

Love thats enought for me.

Friday June 30,2006 at 7:09 i felt this who knows.