How do I express myself,

On a piece of paper?

When I have so much to say.

Thoughts written would be

Thousands of words,

Just writing about

How life makes me feel,

Would fill the whole page.

I drag the pen across the paper,

Wasting away as time goes by,

How fast it goes,

Slipping through my fingers,

Until moments passed,

Feel like nothing but a dream.

Oh if only I could,

Revel in those moments,

Those bittersweet memories,

I could repeat like re-runs,

If only it was easier,

To hold on to them longer.

And to live in them,


I grasp the pencil

A little tighter,

Move it in circles,

Drum my fingers on the table,

Nodding my head,

To the rhythm of the beat.

So tired

Of going in circles,

But I go on doing it,

Trying to get lost into

The words I write,

Just trying to get over

Everything around me,

Forget them,

Just concentrate on the piece of paper,

Rip it up and start a new one,

With more gibberish,

More circles,

Grip the pen a little tighter,

Make the lines just a little deeper,

Just let these caged emotions out

In every line,

Every dotted i's,

Forget everything.

Forget reality,

Nothing's real anymore,

But the words I write,

The drawings I draw,

I am an artist,

On a piece of paper.