Hello there, this is the game I used to play at my high school, only revamped by me. Hope you enjoy, and maybe you can start your own game in your high school. Email me (RCCarpenter1013 ) if you start a game!


R. C. Carpenter


Note from the Board:

*First, let me congratulate you, you are now part of an elite group of young people wishing to add a little spice to their ordinary lives. This is in no way a game that encourages violence, it is to influence quick thinking, and to establish a sense of loyalty to the "right" ways of life. So enjoy! And good luck, players!*

Mafia is a mock combat game for a large number of players. Each person is trying to survive with his or her *family* (the group of people they are allied with) while everyone else is 'killed'. The goal of the game, which is intended to last for years (and theoretically forever), is for one family to be the largest family, own the most land, run weaponry distribution, and be the wealthiest. But since each year the CHS student population varies and positions are changed accordingly, this is how we at the Board hope the game to last into eternity. The game shall be opened to any High School student (former and present) in Chelmsford.


Everyone who wishes to play should provide the Mother or Father of the Family they wish to join with the following: (All information received is confidential unless otherwise noted by your Mother or Father.)

1. Full clearly printed name (middle names optional)
2. House office (Emerson, Hawthorne, Whittier)
3. Locker Number (NOT combo)
4. (Each semester you will be asked for) A block class room, lunch period, and (optional) any after school activities participate in
5. Full e-mail address (if you have one)
6. Your official address. (Or where you spend a lot of your time and sleeping.)
7. If you spend a lot of time at a place, you may wish to give a Mother or Father names of those places. It will be decided upon at a later date whether or not to distribute them.
8. Names of other people who you are positive want to join in

Should you become 'wanted', your locker number and/or frequent hangouts will be made public to the players of the families you have offended, along with your name. (See WANTED LIST)

Anyone found having giving falsified information would be disqualified from playing and banned from his or her house. (But I don't think we'll have to worry about that, now will we?)


2.2.1 For any deliberate breach of the rules, any participant may be identified as a legitimate target for all other participants (and shamefully ridiculed by being beat with a rubber chicken), or in serious cases, banned from their house. If a person no longer wishes to play, they will be respectfully dismissed from duty and will have their names wiped from any records of the houses, therefore making as if they were never a part of the game. This is for precautionary reasons.
2.2.2 The *spirit* of the rules is more important than the actual rules themselves. Rules are made to be *bent* a little... now and then.
2.2.3 Participants may have accomplices, such as another member of the family or a friend from another family. An accomplice cannot assassinate targets - accomplices may only assist the member in planning and carrying out the mock-murder, but the participant must be the mock-murderer. Accomplices are not considered witnesses and can therefore not talk about the mock-killing.
2.2.4 A victim is not 'dead' (out of the game) unless they know about it. No weapon can be considered to have any effect unless it actually does something. The more dramatic the better! See section () for areas of 'fatal kills'.
2.2.5 No one, under any circumstances, may attempt to impersonate a Mother or Father either in person or message, etc. Taking or attempting to read items directed to a Mother or Father is strictly forbidden and grounds for suspension and shamefully dismissal.
2.2.6 Exercise common sense. Players are *entirely* responsible for their own actions and Mothers and Fathers will not be scapegoats to blame if you do something wrong. Avoid inconveniencing other people or ruining property. Also, the less obvious you make it that this activity is going on the better. We would rather not have the administration knowing about out, simply because it is inconvenient and they tend to make a fuss.
2.2.7 Players are to inform their house matriarch or patriarch of *all* mock-kill attempts they make, and any attempts on their own life, in a written report. Be descriptive, the more information you remember the better.
2.2.8 This type of game relies heavily on trust and chivalrous conduct. Please be honest if you are dead. (Honor among murderers and all that jazz . . . )
2.2.9 If the game becomes tediously slow the Mothers and Fathers may select family members to 'kill off' to keep things rolling onwards, if at any point this happens, it will only be to members who are becoming bored with the game.
2.2.10 Try to keep things spicy. But when mock-killing a non-target, kill for a reason that may get houses nostrils flaring. This makes things move, since this is essentially a game that *can* run itself.
2.2.11 If your house is the weapons supplier and you are bought out, shipments will no longer be given to that council.
2.2.12 Protect your family! The 'name' means more than individual lives, even though it's the individuals that spur uprisings.

3.0 AIMS

3.1 *The main aim of the game* is for everyone involved to have a good time and
get to know other people.
3.2 *The aim of each house* is to have the four (4) necessary goals. (See section
1.0 Introduction)
3.3 *The individual aim* is for the player to rise through their high school career
to be, in senior year, a Mother or Father of their house.


Each member of a family will be given the names of two people from their 'rival' house. This will be given out secretly with the aid of the house leader. Of course, this means you have two people with your name that will be trying to find a way to kill you . . . but let's not get into that. Most communications are hopefully going to be transacted through e-mails and direct mail from Mothers and Fathers.

If you are attacked and killed, your killer will be given all your targets, assuming they are not of his/her house. Please know the names to give them right off.


The house that is the supplier will have a letter sent to the 2nd generation players of all the other houses that will detail meeting areas for all sales and an email address to plan the times. The house will supply licenses for the weapons bought and the buyer will supply themselves with the actual weapon. The supplier will have a limited quantity to sell each month and reimbursements will be sent at the 1st of each month. If in the one-month time frame they are bought out, the selling license will be handed over to the house with the largest supply of weapons already.

The following is an outline of the various weapons that can be used against enemies. It is not an exhaustive list and players are encouraged to use their imaginations. However, it is up to the discretion of the Mothers and Fathers whether or not a player using an unauthorized weapon has killed the victim. So come and check before buying and using your latest creation.

In general, weapons must:
1. Be safe to people and property.
2. Actually do something to indicate to a victim they have been killed.

Ideally they should be victim specific. Killing bystanders is to be avoided at all costs, even when they don't know what is going on and the effect (ex: perfume poison) is relatively harmless.

The Chief Enforcer is likely to take tough line over members using "nonstandard" weapons such as those that could easily endanger the lives of innocents, like contact poisons. House members found to have breached this rule *will* be placed on the WANTED LIST and shot on sight. This is not to say you cannot use contact poison on a belonging specific to that target like their earrings or a watch.

Weapons marked (*) in the following list should be used with extra care.

5.1 Gun - Represented by a water pistol or laser pen. You must get a defined hit in a fatal area with the main jet for a kill. If they are splashed by an extra range or you are running out of ammo, it is considered a flesh wound and they can carry on as normal. Naturally they now know you are after them and may attack you. If they are hit in the head or mid torso they are killed instantaneously.

(*) A water pistol operates on compressed air. Super Soakers have chambers of hand pumped compressed air that powers it. Compressed gas chambers, such as high-pressure carbon dioxide, can also be used to propel water. However, you *must* present any weapons employing high-pressure cartridges to your Mother or Father for examination and safety testing. Standards will be very high and the unit must be pressure sealed throughout. Second opinions may be called upon.

Laser pens are to be dealt with extreme caution. There are to be NO headshots, only torso shots and multiple appendage shots are considered fatal. This may be an inadequate weapon where as the victim feels nothing of the attack.

Water pistols are not to be operated in rooms with expensive equipment (ex: computers) which may easily be destroyed by water pistol wielding maniacs. These rooms are out of bounds for water pistols and water based weapons *only.* Note that other weapons may still be used and also that no water-based weapon may be fired OUT of such a room.

They also may not be used in shops or parts of shops where the *principle* goods on sale are electrical appliances, books or other goods that are likely to be ruined by water. Clearly if the adjacent goods are canned foods or pencils, fire away. This is common sense, but it's no harm in reiterating it.

Cap pistols may also be used, although the point blank range (a clear shot less than three feet from target) is needed to claim a hit.

Soft Airguns may NOT be used, but soft plastic pellets fired from a spring may be safer. Always present this first to the Mothers and Fathers for safety checking before using them.

(*) Rubber bands are an acceptable weapon, as long as headshots are avoided.

5.2 Contact Poison - Represented by Vaseline, skin cream, etc. this will kill within 5 seconds of contact even if it is wiped off. If wearing nonporous gloves then it will have no effect for 5 minutes as the poison diffuses through the material. You may remove the gloves safely within the 5 minutes time period but they must not be reused during the game. Similarly, baby powder is also permitted. Contact poison is usually over used. Please try other methods as well.

5.3 Club or Cosh - Represented by a cardboard poster tube or a newspaper rolled up and stuck with tape. The effect depends upon the location of the hit:
1. Head . . . . . . . Unconscious for 5 minutes.
2. Body . . . . . . . Immobilized but conscious, for 5 minutes.
3. Arm/ Leg . . . The limb is immobilized for 5 minutes.

5.4 Knife - Foam, soft rubber, retractable plastic or cardboard knives may be used. An ever-popular favorite is the lunch line knifes looks like they actually can cut something. If you have made the knife from paper or cardboard, it must be clearly labeled as 'KNIFE'. Plastic ones that are more obviously knives don't need a label. Plastic swords are permitted, but be careful. Cardboard swords are to be plainly labeled 'SWORD'. A rolled up paper tube is a cosh, not a sword.

5.5 Garrote - Represented by handkerchiefs, or the recommended, toilet paper. Their use, by the way, is strangling your target. If you have a wet nap or soak the handkerchief, you may use it as a rag with gasoline.

5.6 Grenades - Confetti in tissue paper bags, water bombs, or (small) flour bombs may be used. If weather is permitted you may also use snowballs but be careful of ice balls and be certain to register the number you can make. Use common sense with those last three. They will kill if they strike any part of the head or body. If they hit a wall and splash your head or body substantially (if you're moistened like) you are dead. If they merely splash your arms or legs, you are only wounded and will survive.

5.7 Poison Gas - Represented by perfume/ after-shave/ air-freshener. This kills instantly if it is at a noticeable concentration. Note basically, it will kill all those who smell it. (Think of all those innocent victims . . . :( ) Gas masks may be fashioned from a handkerchief tied across the face. Poison gas should be used with care to prevent the deaths of people other than the intended victim. It is probably best to use it only in the target's room or alone in a place where you know there will be no bystanders to be killed. If you have any problems see a Mother or Father. If you have a cold and earnestly couldn't smell anything you were immune to it. Hurrah! Balloon-and-pin arrangements (scent still obligatory) can be labeled as Poison Gas, rather than as Bombs (see the section on booby traps below).

5.8 Dart or Arrow (*) - Represented by a grape (or any small round object) fired from a catapult, a dried pea from a pea0shooter, or a wad of paper from a hollowed out pen tube. (NO SALIVA NEEDED!) This has the same effect as a gun. Avoid head shots.

5.9 Food Poison - Use Tabasco sauce (food) or peppermint essence (liquids) in sufficient quantities to taste. Note basically that experiments to establish the lethal dose are likely to kill the guinea pig you're testing them on. So don't create innocent victims. Buying your victim a piece of pizza from Dominos does not count, even if you asked them to go a little heavy on the Tabasco. However, leaving them with either their food or food you have personally supplied does.

5.10 Special Letters

5.10.1 Containing contact poison or some sort of audible detonator (letter bombs). A musical birthday card is a special type of letter bombs and requires no additional detonator or label. It will kill the victim if it goes off, although a special signature (A. Sassin maybe?) might be a nice twist. (Fear ye what have birthdays that are made public! Wahahaha!)

5.10.2 Cards, letters, parcels, etc. that are sent through the mail service (Postal, or UPS) or are handed to porters and have leaked their contact poison or poison gas are deemed to have killed innocent victims. It's wisest to send non-contact or poisonous bombs through such a service, unless you are almost certain they won't spill. Anyone daring enough out there?

5.11 Bombs

Bombs can be deadly in their effect, but they require careful preparation and setting up if they are not to kill innocent bystanders.

A bomb can only kill: A) The person who triggers it & B) The people 'accompanying' him/her. This means the assassin has to be with the intended target, and not just on the other side of a closed door, in order or make his own triggering the bomb count, where killing the target is concerned. If your target asks a neighbor to trigger the bomb, (s)he has accompanied the neighbor. (S)he is dead as well. Of course, walking into a room of players wearing a jacket full of explosives that you trigger to take them all with you is pretty cool and this rule allows it. A bomb is represented by a box or container consisting of two pieces:

1. The detonator - To tell the victim that the bomb has gone off. It must bang or beep loud enough to be heard by the victim(s). Remember rule 1.2.4 "A victim is not dead unless they know about it."
2. The explosive package - The size of the bomb is determined by the volume of the explosive. 'Explosive' could be cotton, wool, or plasticine, or water placed in a closed container like a water bottle.

The volume of the explosive must be marked on or in the bomb in cubic centimeters, and it must be labeled 'BOMB' in large letters. If your construction might worry those that pass by, write on it:"

"This is an imitation bomb for the mock Mob game run by CHS students. Any questions may be addressed by having me contact a leader and having it brought up in a notice."
In the event of the bomb being triggered, the blast shall be assumed to act in a 'reasonably' straight line and along this line may encounter obstacles. By 'reasonably', I mean a bomb placed right up against the door (outer or inner, for those with double doors) to a room, will blast in all directions into all corners of the room through the door, not through the walls though.

Blast radius in a given direction =

6 meters * (1-explosive [-Effective Bomb Volume/300 cubic cm])

Volumes of explosives are to be expressed in cc. Ex: Volume of explosive = 1 coke can = 330 cc

Effective Bomb Volume is dependent on the obstacles that the blast finds in moving in a reasonably straight line from bomb to person. It is the volume of the explosive minus volumes for each obstacle.

* Each fully closed door subtracts 600 cc.
* Likewise, each partly open door (Ex: Door is being slowly opened) subtracts 300 cc.
* Any fairly well open doors or windows subtract no explosive.
* A partly open window subtracts 100 cc, and a closed window subtracts 200 cc.
* A wall subtracts 1800 cc.
* A ceiling or a floor subtracts 900 cc.

Constructing an air-raid shelter (if you can really be bothered!) out of the following items in the corner of a room (behind which you will be sheltered) will subtract:

* 300 cc per table, desk or bed turned on its side
* 300 cc per book case, sofa, piano or other large objects

If there is any positive volume of explosives left, this remainder, the Effective Bomb Volume, should be used to calculate the blast radius, otherwise the blast will not have traveled through all the obstacles. If a person lies within the blast radius, then (s)he fulfils the distance requirement for death. If (s)he was accompanying the person who triggered the bomb, or was that person, then (s)he is dead.

Clearly remote bomb detonation for a bomb left outside your door, from within your room, is best done with, say, a coat hanger underneath the door. More preferable is for you or a friend to diffuse the bomb without its detonation, since a bomb with a large enough volume of explosive, can reach ~6m, regardless of what obstacles there are. Walking into a high school with a ruddy great volume of 'explosive' is easier said than done, however!

If you are unsure then come check with a Mother or Father.

Table of bomb sizes/ blast radii:

EBV (cc) Blast radius (meters)
25 0.5
50 0.9
100 1.7
200 2.9
300 3.8
500 4.9
1000 5.8
Maximum 6.0

'Ready made' bombs include alarm clocks, tape recorders, plug timers, and the likes. Party poppers used on New Years can also be registered as bombs, but remember that they are of extremely limited volume and are hence only likely to be useful as letter bombs. They can be used as detonators for larger bombs.

Bomb equipment should be returned to the maker through the Mothers and Fathers, unless it is defused or a dud. It may not normally be re-used, unless it was defused or a dud. The Bomb Squad is on holiday, but the Mothers and Fathers would love to hear how you fare in doing your own bomb defusing. An exception to this rule is that the detonator, if encased in a sturdily constructed case of steel (or other such material), maybe reused. Mothers and Fathers will rule whether the detonator has survived the blast or not.

NOTE: Bombs operating by timers are NOT permissible. Some method of detonating them involving an outside action of some kind must be used. This is because it is unfair that people should be blown up while sleeping (in class? . . . ) and there's no defense against it! The one and only exception is that timers may be used on bombs inside a small empty room, since you can shut over the door. Devices which prevent motion sensors or other triggers from going off for a certain period of time are permitted, that is considering you can figure out how to make one!

Bombs can be triggered by the victim in various ways. There are endless possibilities: drawing pins from positions to pop balloons, red light bulbs, smoke detectors (for all you nasty smokers out there) vacuum cleaners booby trapped with confetti in the exhaust, and so on and so forth.

4.12 Other

Poisoned umbrellas may be used to transfer contact poison onto a player (as in the case of the Bulgarian Georgi Markov). However you should be careful to avoid actual injury to the participant, and may need to cover up the tip of your umbrella with something softer.

Razor-edge hats may also be used. It goes without saying that a real razor is completely out of the question. However, any hat with a brim visibly marked with a word like 'Assassin', or 'Mafia', or your house's last name, may be used.

Be creative with your weapons, and be certain when you give reports to your Mother or Father to detail any new weapons you may have used.

All weapons must be registered. To be registered, check with your Mother or Father, they will consult the Board. In one week's time, you will be given a sheet accepting or declining your weapon. You will then be given a slip that you must carry with your weapon. Note: each weapon will bare a different slip with a different number that is kept track in a report book, so don't try forging, unless, of course, you plan on doing this to make the weaponry family upset...

If the kill attempt fails, you MAY take prisoners.


Deaths should be reported to the Mother or Father of your house and the victim's as soon as possible after the event, stating all-important details (who, when, where, how, why, whether bystanders were killed or wounded). It is best if both assassin and victim report the death to make sure there are no mistakes or things left out.


When members of the families are dead, they may wish to join a "police force" with the sole purpose of killing any wanted criminals, who have been discovered to have killed innocent bystanders. The members of the police force will be announced to all players.

Police are mortal and cannot kill anyone other than criminals.

The actions of the police force will be considered coordinated by the Chief of Police.


7.1 Permissible Targets

You may attack anyone in the game - however anyone who is NOT one of these

1. One of the two names given to you by a Mother or Father.
2. The people with your name, if you learn his/her identity.
3. Anyone holding a weapon in full view that you know or mistake as being one in, whether or not they are about to attack you. Once a weapon is hidden, they are no longer a legitimate target.
4. Anyone on the Wanted List.

is an innocent victim.

6.2 Out of Bounds Areas

6.2.1 No mock-assassination attempt may be made if the victim or assassin is in an out-of-bounds area. The following are always out of bounds:

1. Classrooms in session
2. Laboratories
3. Hospitals/ Nurse's Office
4. Churches/ chapels/ synagogues/ mosques/ temples/ Any religious place I didn't mention unless you consider the Earth you're place of worship, at which point, there's really no point in you playing.
5. Any *official* high school meeting (Ex: Guest speakers, formal meetings with Dean's or Principles). Kills at unofficial meetings (Ex: StuCo, Mosaics, SADD) are permissible.
6. Kills are to be attempted before and after a class period begins, NOT during.

Try to make the mock-kills off the campus grounds, this makes the game more fun and can make for more interesting combat.

6.2.2 Assassinations *can* take place in some of the above places only under these circumstances:

1. If a classroom is on break and no bystanders will be hurt.
2. If you are working at a hospital and no patients or equipment will be damaged
3. It is unavoidable and the victim opens a letter bomb, at which point this was unforeseen.

All above restrictions apply to the Police Force.

6.2.3 The following places are, I guess, "in-bounds" (I may have missed a few, but I think you'll get the point):

1. Hallways before, and after classes and the school day
2. The school grounds
3. All lecture halls
4. All house offices as long as no teacher or administrative assistant grows suspicious
5. Parking Lot, and buses
6. Your home
7. Your street
8. Other schools
9. Malls
10. Restaurants (try not to bring attention)
11. Movies
12. And so on . . .

Should the situation arise, again, computer rooms in libraries are defined as computer rooms, not part of the library. A computer room is, in general, defined as a place where the public (or clearly any defined group of people) is permitted to use computers. Player's private rooms do *not* count.
Any further suggestions should be communicated to a Mother or Father as soon as possible. Please use common sense!


A witness is any player OR non-player who is in a position to see the assassination take place. Witnesses can, of course, talk about the assassination to other players. Killing your target when there are witnesses present will get you talked about and other families will know you are playing. You may hire pigeons to watch.

In game terms, three can keep a secret if two of them are dead. Which is that if you kill the witness, they can no longer be interrogated. By killing them, you may also provoke investigation. (The police force has a very up-to-date forensic department.) Players do not escape the Wanted List by disposing of their witnesses.


If you have killed an innocent victim (see rule on Permissible Targets) then you are put on the Wanted List (a public file containing the names, locker numbers, and A block classrooms of known criminals).

Getting other people to open you mail/ locker for you will make you responsible for them (unless you have a really good explanation). Players who incompetently *attempt* to murder innocent victims will also be placed on the wanted list. If an innocent person is killed by pure mischance, and players could not be expected to foresee this, then they may appeal to the Mothers and Fathers. Poison letters are considered attempts on who they are addressed to; poison on door handles will be considered an attempt on the life of anyone who may reasonably try and open that door. So if you poison a communal door, you have attempted to murder innocents, and are on the Wanted List.

If you are on the wanted list the police will come after you and anyone who knows you are on the list . . .

Police officers should take great care not to kill innocent victims. In general, police who kill innocent bystanders will be permanently suspended from duty, whether they are players or non-players. The Mothers and Fathers will be allowed to consider individual cases though, and if there are extenuating circumstances the officer will resume his duties. These would include bystanders who deliberately threw themselves in front of a criminal to stop a bullet, or if the police misidentified a passerby with reasonable cause.

If police shoot players who are not on the wanted list, the players are not counted dead, but the officer is suspended anyway.


9.1 Each player will be given positions dependant upon their rank in the school, therefore, freshmen are 4th generation while seniors are first. One senior is the Mother or Father of each house. This is how it will be and shall remain. Feasibly, there could be joint power, but only between a male and female.

9.2.1 Each year you will move up, but your power status is what you are trying to rise so that you may be the Mother or Father when you become a senior. When you start out, if you are a freshman in the year 2000, or anyone who joins after that, you will start out in the family at the bottom, like all the others. You will be referred to as, for example, Smith Capulet. Capulet is the house you are in and Smith is your last name. The next year, when you are referred to you are referred to as Little Sam. John is your first name and 'little' is telling that you are a sophomore. As a junior you will be referred to as Sam Capulet. Again, I think that is self-explanatory. And finally, as a senior, if you are not a Mother or Father, you are referred to as Capulet Smith. If you are Mother or Father of your house, you would be referred to as Mother Capulet or Father Capulet.

9.2.2 In the event that the Mother or Father is excommunicated, the family would disband and members might join other families. They would go up the ranks in the following fashion:

Freshmen: Capulet Monatgue
Sophomore: Little Capulet
Junior: Sam Capulet-Montague
Senior: Montague Capulet

If there are more than one add-ons from your previous houses, another name, such as your first name, may be added on to the name. It is all formalities in the letters and in the battles. A5th generation would be the wanders or bounty hunters that are hired by families. If one of these recluses are hired three times by one family they are now 5th generation and can become their school year corresponding rank in the next year.

Also, those who are no longer in high school will simply be hired henchmen and 'sages' of the game. They may play, but do not get any ranking title.

9.3 Throughout the game, other new families may join the game. The rules are the same for them.

9.4 Land is divided up on sections of the school and of the city. It can be sold for the lives of certain members of families if an attack is known to be made on them. You may also find yourself in a card game and may bet a piece of land on your turn. Possibilities are endless. But be certain to tell a family Mother or Father if you do anything that has effects on the family. This is a game of chance!

9.5 Wealth is gained by selling land, owning weapons sales and also monthly income given out for each family member. The exact amount will vary.

9.6.1 As years go on and the Mothers and Fathers of each household are replaced, the family must stay true to original heritage. If, for example, the 1999-2000 game your household was a matriarch, then for all years remaining there must be a female in power. Therefore the only way for a male in a matriarch family to become empowered would be if there were no females were A) left alive, B) competent enough to handle the job, or C) accepted the position. (You CAN object to being upgraded, but who wouldn't want to be in power?!) This male, however, does not make it a patriarchal society, the next year if a competent willing female comes in, then she will take the role.

9.6.2 The best way to destroy a family is to destroy one year's incoming batch. This means the whole family of that generation. This game is a 'look to the future' way of thinking. Your family may not live at the pinnacle this year, but what about two years from now?


The Mothers and Fathers starting this beginning year will be:

(This section is produced by naming your mother/father taking the first letter of their first name and the last part of their last name from the second vowel. Example- Joe Capulet would be Julet. If there is no second vowel, take from the first vowel. Then the parent gives their email address for family members to join them.)

New Mothers and Fathers will continue to be posted at the community web page*. Each family will be given their own page to keep up to date. Mothers and Fathers are nearly immortal, but they are vulnerable alone and can be killed if you really want to kill them, but of course you'll probably get your butt whooped in the process by the 'touch of death' they tend to use. This doesn't mean that it's impossible for them to be killed, it's just really annoying for you to try.

*-Page to be created in each district that plays.

The Chief of Police (COP) shall be: (Name of Player)

If you have any queries, notify a Mother or Father or the COP.
Family Member-Parent communications will be displayable to those that ask for that information, but only within houses for either educational purposes or amusement. In the year 2004, the records of the 1999-2000 game through the 2003-2004 game will be handed over to a scribe to create files that can be transported to disk for the incoming COPs of the following years. After that year, information of reports, communications, disputes, money, land, weapons sales and ex-members will be continually updated and refreshed with each year's incoming crews. Always try to recruit!


The game is debating on creating its own password protected web page for members to use. Each house will have its own password-protected section of the page. There will be a general public area for those wishing to join and also a courtyard where members can read about deaths and learn of new families, land disputes, weapons registry and so forth. If anyone is technology adapt, please contact one of the first Mothers or Father (2000 game) to help get things rolling.

For those without access to the World-Wide-Web, news will be sent by request to players personally or emailed if possible. Please send a message to your Mother or Father stating your email address or lunch block for each semester requesting to be placed on a mailing list. If you are able to access the said areas, please do not ask for news to be sent via email or messenger.


In the member courtyard section, which only will require the initial game password not your house password, will contain previous year's records. It will have news letters, this set of rules, repaired sets of rules, past members, past Mothers and Fathers, and will give you a chance to learn the history of the game by contacting some of the old players. If you wish to talk about the game among all members, we shall try to create a message board or chat area for you to go and speak your mind. The same we shall try and bring to each house.

Archives will be strictly a read-only set of material, updated and changed only by the Master Technician. As each MT leaves the school, it will have been their duty to have trained an incoming freshman or perhaps a sophomore or junior, how to function the facilities.

1. The Mothers and Fathers Rules are law. There will be no right of appeal against a disqualification.
2. Official complaints about a person's behavior will almost certainly result in disqualification unless you feel the person is seriously stalking you, at which point an analysis will be made of their actions and mental state.
3. It is considered that by taking part in this game allows a person to know your locker and your hangouts and open you locker should you be dumb enough to leave it open. (Some lockers, I know, are just naturally openable.) Or if your locker partner happens to be a friend of theirs or even they themselves. Opening a locker by any other means is *STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.* If you don't want trespassers, make certain they can't get in.

The history of this game and set of rules is thought to be:

Author unknown.
Typed in by Paul Roberts (PER10)
Later history unknown.
Used by CUSFS for a time.
Martin Hardcastle (MJH22) made some modifications.
Julian Birch (JMB29), some modifications and clarifications.
Richard Fairhurst (RJF1001) furthers modifications and clarifications.
Ben Jameson (BFJ1000) yet more modifications.
Jim Cameron and Elizabeth Pringle, even more, mistyped modifications.
David Allsopp (DNA1000) surprisingly, made some modifications.
Paul Menage was Easter 1995 Umpire, and initiated 3 targets per player.
Nigel Haris (NJH27) made modifications.
Kristin Lavalle (KLL007) made clarifications to fit Mafia rules and made modifications.


These have been incorporated into the main body of the rules, but are listed here so players know which bits have changed from the original Killer Easter 1995 version.

* Rule 1.0 has limited the area of which players can be from, though we wish to incorporate other school systems into the game as time goes on.
* Rule 1.1 has been modified to fit Mafia rules and CHS students.
* Rule 1.2 section 1.2.9 has been modified to allow strategic killings by Mothers and Fathers and sections 1.2.10 through 1.2.12 have been added.
* Rule 2.0 section 2.2 has been added and section 2.3 has been modified.
* Rule 3.0 has been modified for the rival housing project going on.
* Rule 4.5 has been modified to added different uses of handkerchiefs. Rule 4.13 has been expanded.
* Rule 6.2.1's old #1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, have been removed and replaced or modified.
* Rule 6.2.2 and 6.2.3 have been added to clarify playing areas and exceptions.
* Rule 8.0 has incorporated the once not talked about Wanted List section.
* Rule 9.0 (yes, all of it) has been added.
* Rule 10.0 has been modified to fit Mafia rules.
* Rules 11.1 and 11.2's old topics have been deleted and replaced with the addition of archives.
* Material once found through out the rules has been placed in section 12.0 for convenience.

The original work was writ and posted by David Allsopp dna1000 .uk October 19th 1995. This game's basis is thought to have been somewhere in the UK. Further detective work still ensues and you shall be kept up to date.