That's not what children see

Dim reflecting

What's inside is an empty shell

A song that infants cannot sing

But I have...

That's not what children wear

Barely able

To stand and hand away youthful smiles

Shameful stories of a boy who wish

He could truly dissapear

That's not what children play

Run away, run away

Play in leaves in fall

in winter's snow

flowers of spring

summer's sweet kisses

That's not what children hear


Desperate, wailing begging pleading

For a hand to save, angels wave

To graves that children should not have

But I did...

That's not what children feel

(Butterfly kisses and dandelion tickles)

A fist to the face, blood that trickles

With all hope that children should have

Absent and craving for light

That I didn't,...

Innocent kisses, bruised knees as they fall

All first grader books, how proud and how tall

But what's missing from this mirror

What's missing from this mirror

Is the child in this boy