A/N This song was originally just meant to be a poem in a story that I'm writing (It'll be posted soon, it's not quite finished) but then I started thinking that if I finished it and put it to music, it might be worth something. So I wrote it in it's entirity and pulled out my guitar and wrote some music to go with it, and voila, it's not that bad.


Your heart is my prison,
Your love is my key.
I need you here,
need you here with me.

Come save me from my weakness
Come kiss away my pain
I want your love,
don't let "Goodbye" end it in vain.

I miss you.
You'll never know how much it hurt me
When I kissed you
and left you lost and lonely.

Does it hurt you?
As much as it hurts me?
Can you feel me
When I say I'm sorry?

Don't let me walk away
Tell me to stay.
Tell me how much you need me.
Hold me back tonight
Tell me it's alright
And that I don't have to go!

Because if I leave
You'll wish for me
Under the blackest sky,
But I can't come back,
Don't cry.

Ok guys, just tell me what you thought of it. It's not my best, but like I said, when I started it, it was just meant to be a couple verses that I was going to put in a story, and then I just couldn't get it out of my head and I had to write the rest of it, and this is what I got.