I woke up still feeling no better not having the strength to get up just simply snuggled up into the clean sheets and fall back into a deep sleep once again.

Finally hours later I woke up and had a feeling someone else was in my room. I looked around sleepily rubbing my eyes.

"Good evening milady," I heard a young woman's voice say politely.

I sighed softly and finally saw her. She was a petite woman with a plain but oddly pretty look to her. I looked into her doe brown eyes automatically liking her. She was the kind of person that you liked in one glance.

"It's already evening?" I asked moving my hands away from my eyes. She was bustling around the room lighting candles and I watched the room reveal itself to me.

"Yes you slept well into the afternoon milady," She said softly and moved the curtains out of the window so the quickly retreating sun could shine.

I frowned and sat up getting out of the bed. I walked so slowly to the wardrobe that looked so much like my own.

"Are you hungry milady?" She asked getting to my wardrobe before and opening it.

I looked at all of my favorite dresses so happy that I could not answer her question for a while.

"Yes I am hungry," I whispered gently touching and smoothing the soft fabric of my favorite lilac blue dress.

"Okay, I'll be right back milady with some food." She said quietly and I heard the door open and close.

I took down the dress holding it against my body happily. I slipped my gown off replacing it with my dress. I then washed my face clean feeling a little more refreshed. I brushed my short hair sighing softly feeling sad, missing my long hair. It was funny that from all that I had lost I could still feel at a loss without my hair. Rather vain of me I sighed discontentedly and decided to just get over it. After all my hair would grow back it would just take time.

I looked into the mirror hating my reflection now. The dress was beautiful but I was not. I heard the door open and close and it was the young girl again with a tray full of food and a letter.

"What is that?" I asked quietly inquiring about the letter. I followed her to where a small table was, sitting in a soft cushioned chair as she set the tray down.

"It is a letter from the King," She said quietly moving away to tidy the room before I could inquire anything else of her. I looked at her suspiciously and then back to the tray of food and letter. I picked it up and stared at it for a while thinking quietly to myself. I frowned and then decided to just open the letter first. My curiosity sadly getting the better.

Dearest Apsid,

Even though you feel betrayed and slightly bereft please try to smile. You have lost so much in so little time and I apologize for that.

I will keep my promise and stay far away from you. I know you like to wander and love the outdoors. Though at the present time it would be particularly dangerous for you to wander by yourself given the circumstances that you are in now.

For that reason and that reason alone I ask you to not go outside without me as an escort. I am deeply sorry if this inconveniences you or upsets you in anyway. Though this upset is not the last you will suffer with me which I apologize for as well. I know these days are not the easiest, remember though that you are not the only one who is suffering.

In lighter news I hope you enjoy your new companion, I have sent this letter to you by way of Sarai. She has always shown kindness and I hope that you will find happiness with her. I ask that you keep her near while you find your way around the castle. I'm sure you will love to figure out every inch of this castle and hope that it will be up to your standards.

I have also set an appointment for you with a seamstress to get your measurements for the wedding dress and other garments befitting a queen. She will arrive in your room later on in the day and I hope you enjoy her work.

I know things are hard but they will get better. Remember your family and your people are safe, you may have lost some but have gained so much more for your people.

With the best of intentions in mind,


I read the letter once and then looked over the script once more, sighing softly as I carefully folded the letter and placed it back within the envelope. I looked back to Sarai and gave her a soft smile to allay any fears she might have while in my presence. I was not angry with her, or any other person in these lands. Though Silas was the exception and would always be, he had taken me away from everything that I loved and I would not easily forget that.

"Do you know when the seamstress is coming?" I asked wanting to break the silence that was now between us.

"In an hour or so milady," She said quietly.

"Is your name Sarai?" I asked encouraging her to speak so that we might become closer. She did seem sweet and I appreciated the effort she made to help me.

"Yes milady it is," she said in that same soft manner but now there was a sweet smile on her face that finally reached her eyes.

"I am sorry that you are obligated to be my escort. If you would like you can…" I started to say, not sure why I felt so nervous. I just needed to give her a way out, I did not want her to be trapped serving me.

"Milady I volunteered to be your maid. I do not have and prejudice against you or where you come from." She said and then curtsied giving me a small polite smile. This smile a bit dimmer than the last.

I looked into her eyes and finally nodded, I had expected everyone to be hateful and mean like the barbarians all the storytellers had made them out to be. Sarai disproved all of the propaganda circulating from what I could tell she was very sweet.

"After your meal and the visit from the seamstress would you like me to show you around the place?" She asked quietly when the awkward silence fell.

"Yes that would be very nice," I said not wanting to spend the rest of my life in this room. No matter how well furnished it was.

She smiled happily and nodded then started to make my bed. I looked to the food never seeing some of the fruits before. I tasted one curiously and was surprised by the explosion of sweet juice in my mouth.

I asked Sarai what some of the food on the plate were. She looked a little surprised when I asked but told me all I wanted to know. I finished the plate of food it tasting positively wonderful.

She cleared the plates and cups of juice from the table with a slight bow.

"Let me drop these off at the kitchen and then I'll be right back milady." She said quietly turning to leave heavy tray in hand.

I looked through the room quietly surveying all of my things that had been brought here. Spotting my favorite earrings I could not help but smile, remembering when I had searched all over my room for them. I felt better when I saw my tapestries that I had made hanging in a cupboard along with all my supplies.. It helped to see my things around me, I no longer felt as lost as I had once felt. I now started to work taking a few tapestries out and lying them on my bed eyeing the room starting to pick spots where they might hang.

I heard Sarai enter but did not look to her still thinking about where to put them. Sarai stepped beside me looking at them. "They're so beautiful who made them?" She asked softly reaching out to touch the small doe with her new snow-flaked fawn close to each other.

"Thank you, I did," I said quietly watching her with a slight smile on my face.

"They're very good," She said with such earnest and slight want in her voice. I looked to her and could that she wanted to learn how to make one.

"I can teach you how, I was teaching my younger…" I trailed off feeling pained and looked back down to the tapestries.

She tried to start talking but I started again; cutting her off. "I was teaching my younger sister how to. She was very good but had not developed enough patience. She would just like to add onto my own. See the fawn there," I said softly. "She did that as a surprise for me," I sad with a little smile remembering the day I had came in to see her working on it.

"I would love to learn milady," She whispered softly and I looked to her again and gave her a soft smile and nodded.

"Okay well let's begin then," I said with a smile and got the things I would need out of the closet. Slightly hopeful, that maybe, just maybe, my life here would not be so depressing.

I started to organize and explain what the things were as I picked them up and let Sarai examine them. She had a sharp mind and learned things quickly, figuring it out in no time.

Before long there was a knock on the door and Sarai stood letting the seamstress in. I stood up putting down my needle and thread looking over to see them. I stood as the middle-aged woman entered in and introduced myself. She looked at me and gave a short barely polite reply.

It was a sharp reminder where I was once again causing my heart to sink and make me wish for home. Or what was left of it, at least. I had forgotten where I was for a while when I teaching Sarai. It made me feel peaceful and useful once again.

I stood and followed her instructions. She didn't hurt me but did not have much patience and seemed to be punishing me for whatever my people had done to her. I looked down as she left and sighed softly getting off the little step-stool Matilda had put me on.

"Milady forgive Matilda, her work is the best, she has lost her husband and has just received word that four of her sons perished in battle." Sarai said quietly.

I nodded a little bit, "I would be angry too," I said softly. I understood her hate for me it was the same hate I had for Silas.

"It's still terribly rude, besides if you keep on hating a person then you will never be happy. Forgive and try to put it behind you. If you always dwell in the past then that's all that your future will contain." She said quietly.

I looked to her, her words sinking in, making me think. "I know," I said quietly. She came to me and hugged me. "I know it's hard, but who said life was easy milady?" She questioned with a little smile and I felt tears come to my eyes.

"No one," I whispered softly and let go, feeling a little better.

Together me and Sarai worked on our tapestries talking just getting to know one another. She lived in the castle near the kitchen with another girl named Liza. She had came here when her father and mother died when she was fifteen. Both of them catching one of the plagues that had caught flight and had taken many lives from her people as well as my own. I enjoyed how talkative she was, finding out a lot about her and as the time went on I told her more about myself.

Telling her about my family my brothers and sisters and the different things we had done together. My sisters silly antics that always made my mother and I laugh. I told her of the peaceful times before the way. Not once did I feel the weight of sadness when I spoke of what I had loss. I remembered the good times and kept myself positive.

Eventually we grew restless needing a break from our tapestry-work. She was working on a forest scene with a small stream gurgling through the untamed wilderness. While I worked on a field of wild flowers with children running through.

With a stretch and a yawn I stood and followed her out the door, leaving our work on the bed so that we might come back to it. Sarai led me around, showing me the different places that were located in this corridor. Silas's library was on this floor along with his private study and office. A few unoccupied rooms along with his own at the end of the hall. Most of the doors were closed, including the one to his room and the one to his study.

The rules were simple if the door was open you could enter but if it was closed it was best that you knocked first and waited for permission. Seemed rather easy to remember, giving Sarai a little nod as she told me this.

When Sarai had called it a library I had not really expected it to be a real library. As soon as I stepped into the room I knew I was wrong shelf after shelf stretched on until there had to be twelve on the left and right. Stuffed with books of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Along the walls there were bookshelves to the ceiling. It was an amazing collection and I could easily see myself getting lost within this place easily.

We spent most of our time in the library Sarai just watching as I looked through the books. Seeing a few titles that intrigued and smiling when I saw a few that were familiar. After a while longer I left this place wanting to go on and see the other rooms. Though nothing could compare to what had been in the library. Sarai agreeing to bring me back another time, assuring me that I could look as long as I liked.

After all, she reminded me quite sweetly, that I was not a prisoner here just another guest. Though I disagreed with her on that point, I would not argue with her, she had been sweet all day long and I would like to say we were close and I certainly did not want to end our time together on a bad note by arguing with her.

Together we returned back to my room a soothing lunch already waiting on the table. Hot soup and cheese sandwiches waited for us. A simple but delicious meal that we both enjoyed. After eating we spent a little more time at our needlework for another hour before Sarai excused herself needing to perform other duties and left me alone.

Looking outside I could see it was well into the afternoon, I felt slightly surprised at how fast the day had passed. With a soft sigh I decided to put Silas's words to the test and wander beyond my room. After all if I was not a prisoner then surely I could move about at least on this floor.

I left my room quietly, feeling rather silly for my nervous ways. Taking a deep breath I strode across the hallway with all the confidence a monarch should possess. I went across and continue to walk until I came to the realization that I was not sure where the library was. Feeling rather embarrassed but not wanting to turn around yet I started to search. I knocked every once in a while, mostly I just peeked in.

In my mind I had thought it had been at the end of the corridor but when I arrived there that was not it either. My frustration with the situation was starting to increase deciding that I would try one last time. I opened a door right across from mine not expecting the sight before me. I gasped when I got a glimpse of Silas before I slammed the door shut.

My cheeks turning a bright red when I replayed what I had just seen in my mind. I felt ridiculous I had seen plenty men without shirts on before. It was nothing new, there was something about this time though. Knowing that he would soon be my husband, it did not help. I turned starting to go for my room when I heard the door behind me open. I still felt the heat on my cheeks not wanting him to see. I had no other choice when he approached me calling out my name.

"Apsid?" He called after me once more, his voice soft and questioning. "Did you need something?" He asked staring into my eyes, ignoring the blush on my cheeks and that I had just invaded his privacy.

"No I am sorry about barging in, I was just looking for the library and I lost my way. I did not remember that that was your room. I am not used to having rooms next to males," I said and regretted the words as they left my mouth.

Silas's eyes widened slightly before he nodded and turned, "I will show you the way then and I am sorry that the accommodations are not to your liking. I thought you would feel at ease with me close by, rather than surrounded by stranger or worse no one."

I nodded regretting the unkind words I had said even more as I followed him to the library. The silence that settled between us was an uncomfortable one, I was still trying to get over the sight of him partially nude, the look on his face when I had opened the door had been priceless. He had been so surprised while I was so ashamed of myself. I should have knocked, I do not even know why I regretted this small mistake so much, I simply could not put it out of my mind.

"So I take it you like to read?" He asked softly, his voice guarded as if afraid that he might say something wrong and upset me.

I nodded once more, thinking of something kind to say, I did not want to fight with him. Every time he spoke my first response was to say something hateful. I shook my head disappointed in myself, regretting that I could not even be civil towards the man who was obviously trying. "Yes I do," I finally said softly.

Another long silence passed between and this time I broke it. "When Sarai said it was a library I did not believe her, I just thought you would have a few shelves of books. Your collection is quite amazing, how did you ever come upon such a collection?" I asked softly, feeling like I was rambling, I just felt so nervous right now. Wanting to say the right thing, trying to balance between being detached and not being openly rude.

"The library has been passed down a few generation and whoever could added to the library and it just grew. You are welcomed to take whatever book you want to read from. Or stay in here, does not matter to you, you can consider it your own library from now on." Silas said his voice staying soft and gentle. It put me at ease and unnerved me at the same time. My feelings were scattered and I was unsure on just how I felt about him.

"Thank you Silas, that is quite nice of you." I offered softly, barely able to get over my discomfort. We stopped abruptly in front of a door and I realized I had not watched where we were going. Silas opened the door with a little wave of his hand and ushered me inside. I walked in and he followed behind me leaving the door open so that no one would think that we were acting improper.

"Some of my favorites are over in this area, I like odysseys though, I've had a few translated but most are in Latin. I heard a rumor that you speak Latin as well, is that true?" Silas asked leading me over to a section of his library.

"Yes and some German," I said softly moving over to where he kept his odysseys and starting to look at the titles. "This book is very interesting but it has a rather sad ending." I commented softly, thinking that he had already read those.

"I agree, he should not have let the woman go. I believe that was his undoing," he said softly.

"She would have never been happy with him," I saw softly turning to him for a moment.

Silas stared into my eyes searching for a moment, "How can you be so certain?" he inquired softly staring into my eyes. His light blue eyes staring straight into my own.

"I am not, it is just how I feel." I answered honestly wishing I could say for certain that the woman would hate being trapped just as I hated right now being trapped.

"Perhaps it is time we change the subjects," he commented softly and the turned to a new section. "I have had the library arranged and categorized, over here are the romances and then over in that corner are darker themes. Near the front is history, each section has the appropriate tag to indicate which section you are in." He said pointing to one of the tags.

I nodded looking around the library and then moved a little ways away going to the history section. "Is this mainly your family history?" I asked softly since he was still following me around.

"Most of it is, yes. Though there are a few novels on Roman generals and historic wars mostly on Rome as well. My father was fascinated with Rome when he was a child and persuaded his father to purchase several books of that persuasion." Silas said pulling out a worn leather-backed book that had obviously been read several times.

"Rome is quite interesting, their records were quite extensive, well those that were not destroyed by war." I said keeping the topic as light as I possibly could.

Silas nodded once more and then turned to me, "If you believe you can find your way back then I shall leave you to your privacy. If not I do not mind staying here a little while longer, what would you like Apsid?" He asked his eyes focusing on mine once more.

His gaze was so piercing I easily found myself lost in his expressive eyes. I nodded, "I believe I can find my way back, if not I'm sure I'll come upon someone who can help me eventually." I said with a small smile.

He frowned at my answer and looked around for a moment. "Perhaps if you do not mind staying in here for a few hours I could bring my work here. I have paperwork that I need to go over and there is a comfortable desk here. Would you like to spend the afternoon in the library with me?" He asked watching me closely for my reaction.

I thought about it for a moment, on one hand I did not want to spend any more time with him then I had to. On the other hand it would be best if we grew close and had an understanding of each other. I knew I could spend several hours in the library without growing bored and he would surely be busy with his own work.

"That would be fine with me, if you are sure it is no trouble for yourself." I said my tone neutral as I looked into his eyes once more.

Silas shook his head, "No trouble at all," he said with a soft smile. "If you feel bored in the slightest just inform me and I will take you back. I will leave now to gather my things and will be back soon." He said and then turned leaving me alone in the library.

For my enemy he had a lovely smile, I mused silently to myself a soft smile on my face as well. With a jolt I quickly remembered the reason why I was here and his own treachery and that of my mothers. I gathered myself together knowing there was a difference between being civil and friendly. He could expect to the greatest extent my civility and that would be all. He was not my companion nor would he ever be my friend. He was my enemy and always in my mind he would stay that way.

With new determination I turned and began to look through my enemies lovely library while I awaited his return.

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