I lie in the clover and watch the moon rise
Remembering the boy who promised its smile
Who promised the clouds would open up wide
If only I promised to remain a child.

I met Sonny at a stream surrounded by clover
He was like no other boy I had met before
Sandy brown hair
Hanging over the clearest blue eyes
He had kissed my hand
Bowed low
And fallen over.

He had the widest grin in all of Montana
No stretch of land could hope to match
Together we built the Taj Mahal
While wresting camels
He brandished pistols
I wore a bandana.

Sonny told me stories
Of the clouds, moon, and stars
I would lay in the grass and watch them for hours
As he told me
How the clouds opened up wide
For his kid brother last winter
How the moon only smiles
When you fulfill a promise
(Unlike his Pop who never came back)
And how the stars will remain by your side
No matter how far you go
Or how hard you cry.

I thought we would stay together forever
Remain on the meadow
Side by side
Miniature soldiers armed with our fantasies
Turned out we were only losing to time

My parents picked up and moved to the city
Where the clouds and pollution looked one and the same
Where the moon hung dismally in an empty sky
Because the stars never ventured out alone after hours

My parents grew old
And I grew successful
In a blur of diplomas, degrees, and a job
Cats, apartments, suits, and dish washing fluid
Parking my car and stapling paper
Until I one day remembered many years later
A promise to a boy who knew the whole world
Who tried to explain it to a simple little girl.

So now I lie in the clover and watch the moon smile
Remembering the boy who I lost in time
I close my eyes and whisper to the sky:
"Hey there, Sonny.."
"It's been a while."