Written on June 24, 2006

A/N: Well, I was kinda in a dark mood that day but I actually had fun writing this...well, I guess you could say my Gemini polar souls wrote this. It also makes sense if you just read read one side but it sounds much more cooler together! Have fun!

Who am I for You?

You're here
Always locking your eyes with me
I wish I could forget the past,
But I can't

-I can't
Go on like this
I need to hurt you so bad;
To tear your insides out
You said you never cry
Well, now I'll make you

-I'll make you
See the fun times we've had
And how we'll have them again
As long as we forgive
And forget

-And forget of us
Ever being friends
Who said you could torment me?
Who gave you God's throne
How is it you're so dense?

Our emotions
So dense that
We cannot see
Through the inner hurt
We carry,
But all I want
Is friendship

-Is friendship your lie?
Was it a drawing for your next victim?
You would never understand
How much I want your soul to hurt

-Your soul is hurt
By the past,
Is it?
You didn't know
What to do,
So I will help

-I will help
Your Hell to make you cry
I'll be your dry wings
And fall to make you drown

-You'll drown
If you won't accept
My help

-My help is now
Why I live your hatred

-Your hatred,
Please vanquish it
Let me come close
And guide your heart

-Your heart is
Pure lead and blood, isn't it?
You've never cared,
You never will

-You never will open up
So fast to loved ones,
Will you?

-Will you die by old age?
Or heart ache?
I can never tell

-I can never tell
Why you push me so far back
What do you want?
Here I am
Trying to help,
And all you do
Is glare

-All you do
Is glare.
But I can't help but wonder
That I deserve your hatred
That I am the cause
For your pain

-Your pain
Has now consumed
People trying to help you

-Help you?
I don't know if I can
Should I now take off
My mask of fear?

-My mask of fear
Is now my face;
If I can't take it off
My past will never erase

-Erase my dark words;
Forgive my spill of anger

-Anger and words
Are all I have left

-I have left you
Because I thought
That's what you wanted
That you'd be happier

-You'd be happier
If you took over my soul,
Wouldn't you?

-You seem so confused,

-Why don't you give up on

-Revenge is not the only way!

-The only way out
Is to face me

-Face me and I'll help you

-Help can never
be given to you again

-Again, take my hand

-My hand, to you, is as if poison

-If poison is now in control,
Defeat it…

It can never be
Touched with

-Love again and

-Smile again upon
Your darkness

-Your darkness
Will lighten up

-Lighten up, won't you?

...This is what you wanted

Is this what you wanted?

This confusion

This confusion

My hatred

Your hatred

To be shown

To be shown

And slain

And slain

By you?

By me?

Did you dream

Is this

For this,

Your nightmare

My angel?

My cold demon?