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I'll Be There For You

"Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll."

New Jersey 1987'

Shuffling his feet down the hallway, he cracked open London's door. Leaning against the doorframe he felt a rush of emotions as he looked at his three-year old son.

Sebastian barely remembered his Father, who always seemed to show up by chance. And what he did remember, wasn't worth the memory. Although Sebastian didn't understand it then, he certainly understood it now. The tears and pleads from his Mother, the police and long nights at Auntie Claire's house. Sebastian knew, and he'd never forget.

From the day Roxy had discovered she was pregnant, Sebastian had vowed to be a better Father. However, over the past three months Sebastian felt he had not only let his son down, but his wife as well. Roxy knew of Sebastian's past, which made it easier for her to understand him.

Sebastian would never admit failure, but he felt it. Everyday before he stepped on stage, everyday he picked up that bottle of liquor.

He was a failure; but worse yet, he was his Father.

"He's the spitting image of you." Roxy whispered suddenly from over his shoulder. "It's scary how much you two have in common."

Guiding her under his arm, Sebastian kissed her head.

"Come on, let's go to bed." She wrapped her arms around his waist. Closing the door quietly, Sebastian followed her down the hallway.

As he did, he admired his mansion that his wife had decorated beautifully. Several black and white photographs hung on the walls – all of their small family. From pictures of their wedding, to nude photos of Roxy while pregnant with London. They all had their purpose and their own individual beauty.

None of the band photos would be seen there, those hung on the walls of the recording studio beside the five golden records. Walking through the doorway into their lavish master bedroom, Sebastian gave his wife a tired smirk.

"I almost forgot what the house looks like."

"As long as you remember where it is." Roxy joked as Sebastian slipped between the sheets.

Leaning his back against the headboard, Roxy scooted closer beside him. Nuzzling in against his chest, she wrapped her arms around his bare chest.

"So, how did everything go?" She asked, as she always did. In the earlier years Roxy would have been backstage, but after the birth of London her rebel years had been cut short by Motherhood. Which she gladly embraced.

"It was crazy." Sebastian went on, still hearing the loud cheers from the crowd. "Absolutely crazy."

Feeling his fingers run up and down her arm, Roxy felt her body relax in his arms.

"We were late for the New York show."

"Oh yeah I meant to ask you how New York was. Was there a lot of traffic?"

"Well, if you call fans traffic. They lined up along the driveway. And I'm not talking about a hundred or two hundred. I'm talkin' thousands."

"You shouldn't be surprised baby, you guys are a major hit right now. You guys are all over the television, magazines. And I'm not exaggerating."

"Yeah, which means more work." Sebastian sighed, "Me and the guys were hoping in getting in the studio this week. I don't know how we're going to do it without Johnny and J.D."

"Where are they?"

"L.A. Gambling I'm sure. You know Johnny."

"J.D isn't the gambling type though. What's he gotta do in L.A. besides find trouble?"

"He will be after Johnny gets done with him."

Playing with his fingers, Roxy felt her eyes growing heavy. "Speaking of J.D, did you guys get him help?" Roxy asked concernedly. "Because the last time I saw him, he was on the outs."

"We did, but it didn't do much good." Sebastian sighed, "In the end he said, we were the ones with the problems."

Looking up at him, Roxy rested her cheeks on his arm. "You can't give up on his Sebastian. He needs someone. And if it's gotta be anyone, it should be you."

"You know I won't give up on the kid. He's got talent that can take him places. More places that the heroine can."

"Yeah, well did Scotti actually come home? I know Julie said that he wasn't going too."

"Oh yeah, that drama lasted for about five days. She threatened to divorce him, so he decided to come home I guess."

"Yeah. Right." Roxy rolled her eyes, "That girl is all talk. She's enjoying the millions that are running into her bank account."

"That's what I said. She wouldn't hang around if she found out home many women he's slept with. Maybe she's in all for the money, you think?"

Sex, drugs and rock n' roll - that phrase had truth behind it. Sebastian had come to realize that being the lead vocalist of such a sought out band.

Women lined the streets for you and drug dealers were more than delighted to deal to you. For many musicians, the music was only a mire part of the fame.

"I don't know, but what I do know is Julie's not stupid, I'm sure she knows Scotti's ways. She's just in what us ladies like to call, denial." Roxy explained very sure of herself. "It's easier than the cold hard truth."

"And what's that?"

Opening her eyes, Roxy looked across the room. "The thought that your husband's not only not waking up beside you, but that he could be waking up beside someone else."

As a silence lingered between them, Sebastian understood her clearly.

"Your not worried right?" Sebastian questioned her, "Because if you are -." He paused as she sat up and faced him.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't worry." She told him honestly her green eyes focused on his. "Because I do, everyday. I've seen those women I know what they do. How they look, how they dress."

"Even after, what six years?"

"You never know." She shrugged. "Your hundreds of miles away at sometimes, some guys would take advantage of the freedom. Scotti would be a perfect example."

Brushing her chestnut colored hair from her face, Sebastian licked his lips. "You don't have anything to worry about. I promise." He told her in all seriousness.

Reaching for his hand, she spinned his silver wedding band. Some days she believed him, others were hard too. What Sebastian seemed to forget is that Roxy had toured with them years before. She had attended the after parties, seen the drugs and the women.

"Rob told me about Nikki." Roxy looked down at his hand. " I -."

"Roxy, don't." He shook his head at her, "Nikki? Come on."

"Why not thought?" Roxy asked curiously, "You've dated her before."

"Yeah, before I met you."

His words seemed truthful and heartfelt, which always made her crumble.

"Nikki is a whore. Plain and simple."

"I know, that's why I worry." Roxy reminded him, "She's gorgeous and she's seems to always there."

"She could be here, there anywhere and she'd still be a whore. Roxy, look at me." He raised her chin gently, "I love you remember. I married you, not Nikki."

Early the next morning Sebastian awoke Roxy sleeping soundly in his arms. As his eyes adjusted he slipped carefully out from under her.

Shuffling his aching body to the adjoining bathroom, he hurried for the toilet. Supporting himself on the white porcelain rim, he felt the vomit burn his throat as he hurled into the round stool. Wiping his lips with the back of his hand, he felt his heart race and his temples throb.

As he slowly stood to his feet, he wandered to the large vanity mirror. Running his hand through his long blonde hair, he studied his face. Dark clouds hung beneath his blood shot eyes, his cheeks sunk in slightly the aftermath of his rock n' roll lifestyle.

"Baby, you okay?"

Startled, Sebastian looked to the door where Roxy now stood dressed in one of his band t-shirts.

"Yeah I'm fine, I think I'll take a shower."

Giving him a weary smile, she approached him. As she took his hand, he gazed down at her.

"Why don't you just come to bed, it's early."

Kissing her forehead, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"I can't sleep, but go back to bed. I'll take care of London, maybe start breakfast."

"Baby you don't look so good." She held his cheek, scrutinizing his face. "You feel all right?"

"Just a hangover."

"I'll go get you an aspirin." Roxy turned to walk for the door. Looking up at the mirror his cheeks were drained of color and the guilt was hidden behind.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Roxy was beginning a normal day in the Bierk mansion. Shaking London's bottle in one hand, she opened the cupboard and searched the shelves for aspirin. Setting it out on the counter, she reached for a glass from the rack beside the sink.

As she ran the water, the telephone rang beside her. Snatching it, she held it too her ear.




"This is Rob, is Sebastian up yet?"

"Uh yeah, he's in the shower. Why?" Roxy held the glass under the water.

Rob was not only Sebastian's lead guitarist, but also Roxy's ex-boyfriend. After their relationship ended, they remained good friends.

"KBR Radio want us to do an interview."

"When?" Roxy sighed with disappointment.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Roxy lied. "You want me to get him?"

"No, I want you too tell me what's wrong."

Hesitating, Roxy ran her hand though her chestnut colored hair. Although Roxy was married, Rob wasn't afraid to pry into her business, which she understood. Sebastian and Rob were not only band mates, but also best friends.

They were all family to Roxy.

"He just got home…." Roxy told him under her breath.

"I know, but it's only today."

"Mama, give us some grub." Sebastian walked into the kitchen.

Looking over her shoulder, she smiled at Sebastian, London in his arms. "Who is it?" Sebastian mouthed while rubbing London's back.

"Rob." She handed the phone to him.

"Yeah?" Sebastian held the phone to his ear.

Picking up the aspirin bottle, she held it and the glass of water in front of him.

"Scotti called me, we gotta be at KBR radio at ten o'clock."

"Who set this up?" Sebastian asked curiously, handing London off to Roxy.

"Charlie, who else."

Opening the pill bottle, he dumped two blue pills in the palm of his hand. "I'm telling you we need a new agent. I'm sick and tired of Charlie's shit." Sebastian finished, feeling Roxy nudge him.

"Yeah, good luck with that. Charlie's been around for years, he ain't gonna go away without a hell of a fight."

Glancing behind over his shoulder, she glared at him. "I didn't say we had to get a new agent, I just think we should take it into consideration."

"Okay, you tell Charlie that." Rob laughed, "So were on?"

"Yeah." Sebastian sighed, throwing the pills into the back of his throat. "Ten right?"


"All right." Sebastian gulped his water.


Setting the phone on the counter, Sebastian could feel Roxy staring at him. As he turned around slowly, she was doing just that.

"It's just for a couple hours." Sebastian reassured her, "You can even come if you want."

"Sebastian." Roxy sighed, rocking London in her arms. "I really want you home. I want us home."

Stepping towards her, he grabbed her by the hips. "I promise, today we'll go to this interview. And then we'll come home and have dinner and everything."

"Promise?" She gave him a look. A look that could even make a hardcore rocker go weak in the knees.


Looking down at London, Roxy handed him off. "How's the little man?" Sebastian held him up in the air. Resting him against his chest, London reached out for his silver necklace.

"The little man's hungry. You can feed him before we go."

Glancing at Roxy, she was smirking at him.

"Nothing we can't handle, huh little man?"

Watching her husband interact with their son was priceless. Although Sebastian was a loyal husband and Father, he wasn't around that much. But when he was around he tried his best to make up for the time he had lost. Which at times made Roxy love him more; and made it even harder to say good-bye.

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