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I'll Be There For You

"In Too Deep."

Straddling the couch Scotti let his empty beer bottle fall from his hand onto the ivory colored carpet below. Stretching his arm over his face, he kicked off his untied military boots.

"Hey Robby, hand me another beer would ya."

"Git your own damn beer." Rob said flatly from his chair.

Sitting up slowly, Scotti rubbed his face. "What I would do without friends like you guys." He sighed, as he stood from the couch.

"Do I look like your damn Mama?" Rob's eyes darted up at him as Scotti walked passed him.

"You could be."

"Yeah, well maybe I should take you out and beat your ass then." Rob watched him reach into the refrigerator for another bottle of beer.

"You guys, shut up." Sebastian told them firmly, as he rested his head against the seat.

"How much longer of this shit?" Scotti complained, as he cracked open his beer. "This is driving me nuts, I could be looking at some great boobs right now."

"I'm sure your wife would like that…" Rob uttered, as he closed his eyes.

"Kiss ass Sabo."

"You guys, seriously." Sebastian shouted. "You see that exit there." Sebastian pointed across the deck. "I'm gonna throw both your asses off if you don't knock it off."

"Well, if Scotti could keep his mouth shut for once."

"Neither of you will be talkin' once your bodies hit the fuckin' pavement."

"Whatever dude…." Scotti muttered to himself.

Looking to his wife, Sebastian watched her intently. Her feet were pulled against her chest, her eyes locked on the sky outside.

As Rob and Scotti continued to bicker, Sebastian ignored them as to the best of his ability. Even though Roxy's tears were gone, she remained very quiet which spoke volumes to Sebastian who knew her well.

Standing up from his chair, she watched him sit close beside her.

"What's on your mind?" He asked her softly.

"Not a whole lot."

Slipping his arm around her, she leaned into his arms.

"We're never gonna be normal are we?" Roxy looked up at him.

"Baby, no offense but I don't think we were very normal to begin with." Sebastian smiled at her.

"Yeah, I guess not." She played with his fingers. "I just hoped we'd resemble normal. Least what I think is normal, you know."

"Why, what's wrong with being a little dysfunctional?" He lifted her hand to his lips.

"Besides the obvious. Our lives are shown out for everyone to see. All our mistakes, every detail to our lives. Do you remember when London was born?"

"Ooh yeah, how could I forget."

"The paparazzi was lined down the street." Roxy remembered. "I'm still afraid to go out with him. It's almost like their itching for me to make a mistake."

"Well, you wanna talk mistakes? I've got the worse track record here."

"You're not as bad as some, if that's any comfort."

"I dunno I've got more than enough mistakes to go around. From my childhood, to Nikki I have a full deck if you know what I mean."

"Well, don't worry about Nikki."

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"Don't worry about it, 'll handle it." Roxy said confidently. "Don't worry."

Looking at her suspiciously, he raised his eyebrow at her.

"You said we're dysfunctional."

"Yeah, well dysfunctionals that stay outta jail. Just leave the mistakes to me would you. It's expected."

"Why should you have all the fun? Nikki and me go way back, we've got some things that need to be settled."

"Leave em' in the past Roxy, she's not worth it." Sebastian told her slowly.

"Ooh it's worth it." Roxy imagined.

"Okay killer, what you gonna do?"

"Tell her what's up, duh." Roxy smiled.

"And when all this telling is going on, where's her band members?"

"What you think she can take me?" Roxy looked at him wide-eyed as Sebastian hesitated.

"I think it's safer I don't reply."

"So you honest think that Nikki can take me?" Roxy sat up slightly.

"I didn't say that." Sebastian held up his hands.

"Then what are you saying?"

"Uhh…" Sebastian trailed off; "Be careful."

"Don't worry, I got the upper hand in this. Watch." She smiled, relaxing back in his arms.

"Some how that wasn't too comforting. But besides the violence, you excited about the show?"

"Oh yeah totally." Roxy rested against his strong chest. "Its been so long since I last went. I forget what it's like."

"What was it, two months before London was born?"

"Yeah, in Las Vegas." Roxy nodded. "My feet were huge when I got back to the hotel from standing all that time." Roxy giggled.

"You don't have to stand baby, you've got VIP. Remember?"

"Ooh thanks ain't I special." Roxy rolled her eyes. "So whatcha guys gonna play first? Because I really wanna hear 'I'll Remember You'."

"You can't play a slow song at the beginning of a rock concert. Maybe towards the end, but not the beginning. But you never know what Rob has in mind."

"What about Rob?" Rob asked suddenly from behind him.

"Roxy asked about what we were opening up with."

"Wasted Youth." Scotti put in his two sense. "Hey Roxy."

"Hmm?" Roxy looked to Scotti, who was obviously buzzed on the several beers he had had.

"I co-wrote that song. It was one of my best, don't you think.

"My ass." Rob huffed.

"How about Wasted time?" Sebastian interrupted.

"Yeah, sure if Scotti can remember the chords."

"Hey, it's not me its J.D." Scotti sat up abruptly on the couch. "He's so fucked up he can't remember shit. The shits messin' with his mind."

"What?" Gwen questioned.

"Never mind." Rob waved her off.

"Heroine." Scotti quickly answered her question.

"Heroine?" Gwen's mouth fell open.

"Scotti shut up." Sebastian dragged on.

"Hey dude, it's the truth. The dude is a mother fuckin' junkie." Scotti added, which nobody denied. Although Scotti was usually full of himself, he was right about J.D.

He was an addict.

"You know Mike, the guy from my Sister's wedding."

"Yeah, he's a damn good song writer. I keep tellin' Sebastian we should work with him." Rob nodded.

"We don't need another song writer. We've got four already."

"Hey! Who co-wrote Wasted time?" Scotti pointed to himself.

"But anyway, what about him?"

"His brother overdosed on heroine about a year ago. His wife sunk into deep depression I heard."

"Yeah no shit, heroine is crazy." Scotti added. "J.D's gonna be six feet under if he keeps it up. The good thing he ain't gotta wife to depress."

"Scotti shut up." Sebastian yelled.

"He's gonna overdoes one of these days."

"No he won't." Roxy snapped suddenly. "We'll get him help."

"Good luck." Scotti huffed. "The boy's in toodeep. You don't come back after that."

Rolling her eyes, Roxy shot Sebastian a look.

"Well, get him help don't worry about it."

"Heroines nasty Sebastian." Roxy reminded him.

"He'll be fine after he spends a month in detox."

"That's what my Mom said to my Dad." Roxy told him under her breath. "Right before she killed herself. And you know how much good that did."

"Roxy, it's different. That was then, this is now. There's more treatments."

"I hate to say it but Scotti's right."

"Yeah right." Sebastian chuckled.

"No, really. If J.D's into deep like Scotti said -."

"Roxy, give it a break. He's not into deep. And we'll get him treatment. Yeah he might hate us and leave the band but ..."

"Sebastian, it' s not all about the band you know."

"I know, I know I was jokin'." Sebastian told her, "Just stop letting it get to you so much. Your gonna have a nervous break down and then you'll be the one needing the treatment."

"How much longer?" Roxy changed the subject quickly.

"For what?"

"Until we get there."

"I don't know, probably two hours. Roxy, nothing will happen to J.D. Me and Rob won't let anything happen."

Snuggling against him, she inhaled his cologne. As her eyes became heavy, she felt safe within his arms. The warmth of his body, the smell of his clothes his hands on hers.

Her thoughts were of concern for J.D and his addiction. In some ways, he reminded her of her Father.

The only difference is, Roxy had the ability to help change J.D's fate.

Where with her Father, it was too late.

As the jet touched the earth once again, it glided along the landing before gradually coming to a stop. Looking through the window, the sun was beginning to fall beneath the horizon.

"Roxy." Sebastian woke her, as she still lay in his arms.

"Hmm?" She stretched.

"We're there."

"Oh God, it's about time." Gwen yawned. "You know I've never been to California before. I wanna hit some stores. I'm dying for a new leather skirt."

"If we have time…." Rob told her as they both stood.

"What do you mean?" Gwen asked disappointedly.

"You awake?" Sebastian looked down at his wife, who was standing wearily in front of him.

"Yeah." She leaned her cold body against his.

"We're going straight to the Staple Center to set up. So if you and Gwen wanna go somewhere, you might wanna change now, or whatever."

"We're not going to the hotel?"

"We don't have time. We still gotta do a sound check. So what you girls wanna do?" Sebastian glanced back at Gwen, who was listening in.

"Do you wanna go watch em' set up?" Roxy asked her, "Because I'd rather do that and shop later when I know we have time. Besides, I gotta a few things to take care of."

"Ooh…." Rob awed.

"Shut up." Gwen slugged him, "I'm all for shopping later I guess."

"Don't worry, we'll have plenty oftime." Roxy looked up at Sebastian to clarify. "Right?"

"Yeah I guess…."

"Okay well I'm gonna change." Roxy yawned again.

"Change?" Gwen asked, looking down at her skinny Che Guevara T-shirt. "Change into what?

"Uh babe, we aren't gonna be able to stop at the hotel."

Walking beside her, Roxy grabbed her hand. "Party clothes girl. Party clothes."

"I don't know if I have any party clothes."

"We'll wait." Sebastian told them, as they disappeared into the bedroom.

"But hurry up." Rob added

Turning around, Sebastian looked at Rob. "You ready for this?"

"Hell yeah." Rob nodded. "I was born for this, remember."

Looking to the couch, Sebastian noticed Scotti was still sleeping, his mouth hanging open.

"You know, we can just leave him here. Nobody will notice." Rob nudged Sebastian, who actually contemplated the idea.

"Unfortunately, we need someone to play guitar." Snatching a pillow from the chair, he flung it at Scotti's face.

Lifting her suitcase onto the bed, Roxy unzipped it revealing the clothes inside. Standing at the end of the bed, Gwen looked on.

"See, now this is what I'm wearing." Roxy held up the short sable colored party dress.

"Wow." Gwen looked it over; "You did wax right?"

"Oh come on Gwen, this is the perfect time to come out. Sex it up."

"And I got the perfect dress." Roxy laid her dress on the bed, as she rummaged through her suitcase. "You can wear this one." Roxy held up raven colored cocktail dress, which made Gwen gulp.

"It's gorgeous, especially with the halter top neck. Makes you're boobs look huge, let me tell you."

"It's nice, really it is don't get me wrong." Gwen nodded, folding the dress over her arm. "But I don't know if it's really me."

"Girl it is you. It's the dirty, naughty side of you. Trust me, Rob is going to die when he see this."

"You think?" Gwen looked it over again.

"Oh yeah totally."

"Babe, hurry up." Rob paced back and forth along the flight deck.

"Hold on." Gwen called back.

As Rob and Sebastian listened in carefully, they could hear giggles behind the door.

"Tell em' to hurry up already." Scotti insisted, as he attempted to tie his military boots.

"Should we call Johnny and J.D?" Rob rubbed his chin, looking to Sebastian. "Let em' know what's going on."

"Yeah, might as well."

"Oh tell Johnny to bring my pedal."

"Pedal? We got the switchboards." Sebastian noted.

"Yeah, but I want my pedal. I always forget which side the distortion pedal is on."

"What? Still havin' trouble figuring out left and right?" Rob joked, which made Sebastian laugh. "I thought we taught you that…."

"Ha-Ha funny." Scotti stood. "I want the pedal either way."

As the bedroom door opened, everyone looked in the direction. Swallowing hard, Sebastian rubbed his chin as his wife came out from the short hallway.

Starting from her toes, he admired her silky legs all the way up to the silver fireman buckles that ran down the front of the short black dress; revealing two of his favorite attributes.

"Damn girl." Scotti grinned from ear to ear, which quickly faded when Sebastian turned and glared at him.

"Thanks Scotti." Roxy blushed, as Sebastian came to her side. "But you guys gotta see Gwen." When she finished, Roxy looked down the short hallway.

"You gotta see Gwen." Roxy repeated louder. As the door opened, Rob looked down the hallway until his wife came out into the open.

When she did, his mouth fell open. He hadn't been married that long, and Gwen was not the type to dress very risqué. But as she stood in front of him, she was dressed in a lace-black cocktail dress that would turn anybody's head.

And Rob was more than pleased.

"So…what do you think?" Gwen asked Rob softly, as she crossed her legs.

"What do I think?"

"It's not too much?"

"It's not enough..." Scotti mumbled under his breath.

"No, it's great."

"Yeah Gwen, you're way sexy." Roxy acknowledged, giving her an one-armed hug.

"Yeah, yeah we get your hott, sexy whatever. Can we go now?" Scotti asked impatiently.

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