- I Have Killed -

muffled sounds heard

darkness clouds my sight

like a bad horror movie

I go into the night

searching the source of

possible fright

two sorry, sad men

holding down a girl

5 years ago was ten

rape was their intention

but a knife is what they got

Kicked them off, and one came up

knife glinting in a crap like vise

lunging forward, I drove into him

my razor edged butterfly, but he

tackles me to the ground,

a gun starring malevolently at me

so I dig into his eye

with 6 inches of death

His body goes slack

his mind empties

I see it in his eye,

and as his body go cold

as his warm blood

falls upon the hands that spilled it

saved the girl I did,

for the other man, but a coward

but a life was taken

to save an another

was anything really adverted?

I have killed

forever my sin.