Germany, World War II

I creep under the bridge,

My jacket held tightly to my chest,

A package of paper packed away,

In a pocket which only I can see.

I cup my icy hands around my thin lips,

And imitate a little owl,

And wait.

And wait.

And as I wait,

I think of the risks,

Which I can see,

All around me.

I could be caught,

I could be hurt,

And if I'm caught,

I'm killed.

The soldiers,

They're everywhere,

Patrolling the streets,

Guarding the camps,

Their slit eyes scanning us all,

Their distrust unmasked,

On their faces,

In an angry display,

For all to see.

They wear a sign,

A band,

Which is feared by all.

A figure which represents cruelty and harm.

They wear the band of a Nazi.

They do not hide it,

As some of them,

Now dead,

Have done,

But they show it off,

For all to see,

A smirk on their cruel lips.

I hear footsteps,

And I hide,

For fear of my life,

And the others who faithfully help me.

But after the rustling ceases,

I hear an owl,

And emerge from my spot in the tree.

I make a signal,

The sign of Resistance,

Against the war,

Against the Nazis,

Against Hitler.

My sign is returned,

So I continue.

I pass over my papers,

Fake ID's,

Stating that the one's who posses,

Are not Jewish at all,

No siree,

But another religion,

One which is accepted.

But others can not be helped.

The handicaps,

Which are also being killed,

Have no way of disguising their disabilities.

But I can try to help some of them out of the country,

Out of Europe,

Off to safety.

There is a simple nod,

Between myself and the man,

And I turn,

My brown head held high.

I know that one day I might be caught,

That one day I may be killed.

But I'll keep on going,

Just to know,

That I've helped others,

To escape this nightmare.

For that's what this is.

Not all can fit the standards of Hitler,

The ideal "perfect man".

Not all of us are born that way,

Not all of us at all.

But he doesn't care.

He believes that he's doing a favor to the world,

A favor to God,

But he's not.

He isn't.

He's killing the world,

He's killing Europe,

He's killing whatever he pleases.

But this isn't a simple mistake,

For it can't be fixed.

It's not as easy as that.

Unless this man,

This monster,

Can bring back the dead,

Our hope is gone.

We are gone.

Uruguay, Present Day

And some wonder,

Why Jews are so few,

Some wonder how this came to past.

It's mass slaughter,

My friends,

Nothing more nothing less,

That's all it is,

That's all it will be.

There was no reason for that war,

Except for one man's idea of a perfect world.

But it's good that we remember,

That we know it happened,

Because then something beautiful will happen.

Whenever someone thinks,

An idea similar to his,

They'll think back in time,

To that day and age.

And they'll say to themselves,

"That won't happen again.

I promise,

I promise,

It won't."