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Chapter 1 : Real Love

I've been in love with the same boy for a thousand years.

It was strange, realizing I had a lost-love in my other lives. That it was the same boy over and over again. I mean, I'm only 18 and I'm hardly the type that a boy would go for. How I kept the interest of that one guy is beyond me.

Anyway, it all started a few days ago at this nightclub I frequently go to with my friends. Different bands come to perform every week and today a punk-rock band was playing. Everybody was banging their heads to the music or grooving to the beat.

"Hey, I'm getting a drink," I yelled over the loud music. Danielle nodded off, not taking her eyes of the spiky-haired bass guitarist of Summer's Over.

"Yeah sure."

I smirked at her. That's my best friend. I wouldn't really say she is a big flirt, but she does get a teeny little bit boy-crazy over guys who are musically-inclined. Then again, don't all girls?

I was still pondering on this matter while I was finishing my can of coke so imagine my surprise when a boy suddenly buzzed up, pointing to the seat next to me and say, "Hi there. Mind if I join you?"

"Erm, yeah. No problem," I said nonchalantly, gesturing towards the seat. Wow, was this really me? I sure sound confident.

Nervousness then flooded my systems as I took a good hard look at him. Chiseled face, blue sapphire eyes, buff body and a smile to melt girls' hearts. Or rather, mine. But that was not the only thing that strike me most about him. It was this weird feeling of like dejavu, that got me feeling a little anxious and wondering.

"You come here often right? I always see you around likeā€¦almost every Friday night," he asks, and I felt even more surprised. This guy actually noticed me?

"Yeah, it's like my hangout place with my friends..After a tiring week at school, I can finally sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend. That is, if there are no major, upcoming tests..You know how it is," I babbled on, trying to cover up my nervousness. Oh God I do hope I didn't squeak or sound high-pitched.

"You are cute," he (I still did not know his name, sheesh.) says, looking at me intently with those dreamy blue eyes of his.

"Hey Tyler! Dude, we up next. Come on!" a guy, with a wavy jet-black hair shouted at him. So his name is Tyler, I see.

"Yeah, coming dude!" he shouted back. He looked at me, smiled secretively and says, "Well, nice talking to you Lexy. Listen to the first song we're playing. See ya!" He got up and ran backstage.

I was then too speechless to say goodnight. I mean, it was really out-of-the-world. Firstly, he noticed I frequent here, then, he knew my name! And what was that about listening to their fist song? That I gotta check it out. Shrugging myself off, I pushed through the crowds back to Danielle, Iris and Adam.

"Lexy! Where have you been? I mean, you've been gone like, for half an hour!" Iris exclaimed at me, eyes blazing wide. Adam, who is also her boyfriend, raised a brow. "You okay?" he asked. In return, I looked at her pointedly as if she had grown two heads.

"Uh-huh, okay mommy," I said, and took a seat at one of the love-seat couches. Iris rolled her eyes and went back to cuddling with Adam. "No PDA people," I grinned up at them.

Iris jus stuck out her tongue and Adam just shrugged. Then suddenly a familiar boy's voice rang out. "What's up guys. I'm Tyler. Tonight, my band and I are going to start out by playing a song I just wrote. Enjoy." Tyler sat down on a stool, picked up his guitar and started a few cords.

Girl I'm going out of my mind
And even though I don't really know you
I guess I feel I'm running out of time
I'm waiting for the moment I can show you
And baby girl I want you to know
I'm watching you go, I'm watching you pass me by
Its real love, that you don't know about

Baby I was there all alone
When you be doing things, I would watch you
I picture you and me all alone
I'm wishing you was someone I can talk to
I gotta get you out of my head
But baby girl I gotta see you once again
Its real love, that you don't know about

Every now and then I go to sleep
I couldn't stop dreaming about you
Your love has got me feeling kind of weak
I really can't see me without you
And now you run around in my head
I'm never gonna let you slip away again
Its real love, that you don't know about

Every now and then when I want you
I wish that I could tell you that I want you
If I could have the chance to talk with you
If I could have the chance to walk with you
Then I would stop holding it in
I'd never have to go through this again
Its real love, that you don't know about

Today when I saw you alone
I know I had to come up and approach you
'Cause girl I really gotta let you know
All about the things you made me go through
And now she looking at me in the eye
And now you got me hoping I ain't dreaming again
Its real love, that you don't know about

You're the one that I want
Noone can take it from me
No no no no no
Even though I don't really know you
I got a lot of love I wanna show you
And you be right there in front of me
I see you passing in front of me
No no no girl I need your love
Baby I need your love

Ending the song, I held my breath as I realized he was looking directly at me. His gaze was almost so piercing that I wanted to look away y heart skipped a beat and only one thought came to mind. Wow. Did he really wrote it for me? That I was baffled.

I hardly know him. He was like a stranger, I never knew him before today, so why does my heart feel as if I've known him forever and I've seen him. Many times before.

This is what I wanted to find out. It is the start of a new beginning. I am Lexy Christensen, and this is my story.

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