Written: 8-9-06


Your smile,

So loving,

So sweet,

The soft dimples,

So innocent,

So beautiful,

Your eyes,

Glowing in the light,

The light of a camera.

The thought

That I could see you,

That I could hold you,

Makes my mind reel.

The longing

It never eases,

It never ceases,

Deepening my love.

Is it possible

To miss you

With all my heart

My body

And soul?

Why is it so hard

To know

That you are so far away

And it will be a while

Before you come home?

The light in your eyes,

The smile on your lips,

The whiskers on your lip,

All are mine,

Captured for all time,

For I look only at a picture,

A timeless photograph

Of how you are

With or without me.