a/n: I'm trying something new and weird here - tell me if it's awful.


When I was sixteen, I cheated on my boyfriend with a twenty-five year old.

I cut myself for three years and thought no one knew – they all did.

When my son was six, he asked me to stop drinking. He's sixteen now – I'm still an alcoholic.

I stole money from my dad's charity fund.

Whenever I blew out candles, I used to wish to be pretty.

I had my first cigarette when I was eight years old.

I hold down a respectable, high paying job, and have three kids. I'm a junkie – it was the kids that drove me to it.

I lost my virginity at fourteen – I've never regretted it.

I think I might be gay

These are all secrets that we hide. The ones in normal print are the ones of strangers – from books, internet posts, and magazines. They are ordinary and extreme – they are everybody's secrets.

I started masturbating before I knew what it was – I was five years old.

I'm in love with two people. Neither know the other exists – and it's been two years already.

I'm addicted to cigarettes.

I think I might be pregnant.

The ones in italic are secrets from people I know – my friends. Some were told to me by them, some I found out by accident, and some I heard from other places. They are real life, personal secrets.

I got three years for raping a little girl.

I gave my friend head – our parents were downstairs

When I was little, I used to wish that my parents adopted me.

My boobs are wonky.

I bought a dildo today.

The ones in bold are my secrets. Read, enjoy, and feel free to return the favour!

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