Heaven can wait
by: L. Lazuli

Torn in the middle,
Waiting between the bridges,
Should I go to some place where I'm happy?
But I can't bear to see you buried in sadness.

Take the moment,
You're free to choose,
My pain will soon be forgotten.
You really weren't mine to lose.

Take my hand for one last time
Let me walk with you
"Is this really goodbye?
If this is, -I love you."

Contagious smiles
And jovial laughter
"What is going to happen
Right here and after?"

Wipe those tears in your eyes
You're too beautiful to cry
If we really are destined for each other,
Then, I'll come home and be with you forever.

Follow your dreams, dear
Don't let me hold you back
I'd set you free if it'd mean
To make you happy.

If that'd be true
Then my heaven can wait.
Because my happiness,
Lies being with you.