Plum delicious; divine -

peachy keen
the stem of streamline consciousness

pitch perfect,
the flapper girls
sleeping with other women's husbands:
what a dish their wildness looks like
at the bottom of a sucked dry whisky glass.

peach, pear, plum
the muscley tissue littered with un-plucked hair
a babies first peach fuzz atop an otherwise unblemished crown.

honey child
dipped in sizzling tomato grease.

prickly though not forbidden,
the fruit meant to be hidden
but savored for it's knowledge

an otherwise intelligent girl
with no education

no elevation
consecutive (grapefruit)
peach, unless it's on the vine

like a girl with the first wash of summer over her.

peach pit


she is as round as a cantaloupe,
blushing as any apple,
delicate; as a maraschino cherry between your teeth
she is rooted in the earth more solidly than any vineyard
and, voluptuous as the first bite of any peach.