"You disgust me!" she screamed,

her eyes flashing dangerously.

"Pig! You Dog! You hateful cretin!

You deserve what you've got and

Now you must reap what you

Have sown!"

He watched her as she walked thought

The door, her hair now cropped short.

Desperately he ran and grabbed her wrist,

Pulling her against him, his eyes meeting hers

As they embraced.

"Don't leave," he muttered, burying his

Face in her hair, taking her scent in.

"I want you here, with me, forever,

As it is meant to be." He closed his eyes

Expecting her to push him away.

She wanted to run, she wanted to

Go through the door and never look back

Leave the monster who was holding

Her standing there, she wanted

To take her life back, to be free of him.

She didn't, she stood there, letting him hold

Her, her face pressed into his chest, the tears

Burning her eyes as she now collapsed, "I

Want to be here, but not as your slave, but

As your equal, as a person."

He looked down at the top of her head

And nodded, it was only natural, they were

Meant to be together, it was written

In the stars, but knowing that she actually

Wanted to be there with him was more important than the stars.

"We are bound," he said quietly as she clasped his shoulders,

"We will never be able to break the bound, but

We are now equals. We are lovers, and we are

Partners, forever bound together in this darkness

That is our world. Nothing but darkness. Forever."