Murder your Darlings.

Chapter 1

'People talk too much.' He glanced over at the plump lady next to him; her hair barely making it past the nape of her neck as she supported a hideous black hat on her head. Tomo tore his eyes away from its monstrosity and managed to fixate them onto the tracks; trying to erase the image of her wet pink lips moving in time to the sound of a screech that escaped her throat and hurt his ears.

"Make way!" A bellow from behind him and the whole crowd rippled to excuse the rudeness of a man and his unnecessary luggage. Tomo once more found himself struggling to stay behind the line and avoid the excess bulge of people on the platform.

He looked at the orange and cream ticket in his hand; so many different numbers and letters that no longer made sense to him. His heart began to swell painfully, unable to control the influx of emotions that flooded through him as though to excuse his uselessness.

He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath before opening them again. The crowd buckled once more, another impatient traveller failing to understand that the train wasn't there yet, and that it was a train for those who had reserved seats. Tomo pushed the ticket back into his pocket, bending it out of shape and looking back down at the tracks with agitation clearly shown through his quick movements. 'They're still talking…'

"So anyway as I was saying you wouldn't believe the nerve of that girl – she just doesn't know how lucky she is to be so gifted and intelligent with such a supportive family!"

"Johnson I'm warning you; I need the contract in the office by five o'clock, any later than this and I will personally make sure that someone in your department pays the price!"

"Uh… Yeah, I guess"


The last comment made everyone stop what they were doing, and turn to look at two teenagers; both bright red and looking at the ceiling as they attempted to ignore the heavy stare that they received. Tomo smiled as he looked on at the two blushing teens; taking the time to remember his own fruitless attempts to earn a girlfriend at their age.

That overwhelming sensation filled him again, and he did his best to ignore it. He pushed away the bitter emotions that had haunted him for the past few weeks.

Another ripple and Tomo felt himself being pushed over the platform line. He winced, feeling out of place as he pressed into the assembly of people all waiting for the same thing.

"Quit pushing will you?"

"I'm sorry it's just-"

"Move!" Another ripple and he lost his balance; stumbling slightly as he noticed in the corner of his eyes a moving object coming his way. Another ripple as the assembly grew excited, and began pushing to get in front and into a prime place to board the train that they had been waiting for first.

"Watch it!" He snapped, and once again lost his balance, stumbling across the line, and fell. His knee connected with the stone floor and he cried out. He reached out to stand up.

A cold gust brushed against him and a sensation that was alien to him – as though he was being taken away from something important - flooded his body and made him light headed. His ears popped and he stumbled back into a soft body behind him. He blushed heavily, looking down at a hand that slipped through his arms and moved up his chest. His eyes widened as he felt something warm on his back, the feeling for a female body pressed against him.

"Mmm… You're so silly Tomo."