The voiceless receiver is a sign to me that I should just give up.

I sit against the brick wall, notebook open.

Paper empty

Pen pretending to write something phenomenal, but really just serving as an isolation technique.


That's all I want to obtain.

Invisibility from all but you.

I want you to be the one who catches me when I fall despite the burdens I carry.

All I need is one person to trust; I want you to be that person.

I want an unconditional listener, and I know that is who you are, for you've listened to my struggles so many times before.

But never anything past the surface.

How do I subtly allow you to see every side of the individual who morphs for everyone?

Who should I be for you?

You have shown me who you are from striving adolescent to joyful human being.

And I've accepted all.

How will you react to seeing me from the blissful human being you and everyone knows and loves to the isolated, dark adolescent stuck in a downfall with no end?

There's no way you'll accept that.

Nobody has.

Hot one mortal being has.

Because not one mortal being has been shown the side of me that only I know.

Everybody has a secret.

Everybody has plenty of secrets.