More Letter advancement: The Vigenere Cipher

Thanks to Vivix, I now have the Vigenere Cipher to show you all. And yes, readers, there will be more codes that are much more advanced than what I've shown you already, so don't worry about that.

Basically, the VC (because I'm lazy, it's now called VC) works with a code word and a large box of letters like so:






and so on, and so forth, until:


The row that begins with "a" witll be reffered to as the A row, "b" will be the B row, and so on. This is also true for columns.

Now, take your message:

"All is well that ends well"

And choose a code word.


Now, write the message (the "plaintext") and the code word over and over so as to match up the letters. NOTE: You might have to view this in courier new font if the letters don't match up.


note the leftover letter L here- don't worry about matching perfectly.

See the A and the L correspond? Go to the A column and the L row and find the letter there, which is L.

L column and U row is F.

L column and C row is N.

So, the word "all" would be "lfn." Notice that each L is a different letter.

Now line them all up again!




Congrats! Your message should now look like:

lucky lfn sq hynv rsuv olom yojw

To decode, line up the code word and text again:



and look for the letter L in the L row. Find which column it's in (the A column) and write A.

In the U row, F is in the L column.

And it's really nothing more than doing it backwards than undoing it.

This is also a great code because it can be neatly programmed into a calculator without much trouble if you have the neccessary skills.