Blue Crayon

A small child
was sitting upon a cliff
surrounded by his friends of nature.
The rolling waves
and the spray of the
ocean water kept him safe.
How was he to know
the sky was his enemy
and the wind his foe?

Soon the waves were
crashing upon the beach;
frightening the sun bathers
from their place.

The wind was howling
making the boy afraid.
The waves were splashing
and grabbing at his feet.
He could feel himself falling and
being embraced by the angry water.

Underneath it all was calm.
He was supposed to be drowning
but his lungs rose and fell
with every breath.
The boy turned around,
eyes wide, having
no idea where he was.

Then he realized the
ocean was his home.
He belonged to it
and the creatures underneath.
Soon even the wind and the
sky could no longer harm him.

He looked at the blue around and
woke in his room from a dream.
He tried to color
the bleak white walls blue,
and succeed finally
with his precious
He did this to remember the blue of the ocean
whom saved his life
from having to remember
the death all around.