She Cries

She cries She cries she wipes her eyes from her bloody pain

In her mind she screams her name

She's tired and doesn't wanna play.

Left to go insane she loses her self along the way.

She cries she cries just to drown herself

Why doesn't she ask for help or scream

but Her voice is crumbling in her hand!

Tired of the darkness she wants out

She's tired of crying and crying and crying

when it does no good..

She's crying she's crying once more again and she

ask herself why. Why this time is she crying,

what now did she do.

It wasn't her it was him.

He gave her a hand and saved her life

She no longer needs to cry

She's no longer in the dark!

She received her voice she found herself,

finally gave herself back her soul.

It's good she didn't scream for help,

she would have lost her voice,

She's glad she cried

now she doesn't have to ask for help...

She can say I love you

and she doesn't have to die.