A/N: this is the first draft of this story and it's not finished. I'm also trying to turn into a play, but that's long because I'm not used to writing plays, but any way here's the story. There is more of this story to come i'll upload it as i write it. i want to no if it is any good so please read and review.

The girl with the emerald eyes


There once was a girl named Chris, which would be me. She was in love with a girl called Nicky. That would be her, the girl with the emerald eyes.

This is our story. The bleeding tragedy of my life. I think it's only fair that I warn you, that this is a story of love, loss, pain, hate, fear, hostility, suspense, revenge, adventure, laughter and self discovery. So basically this is my modern gothic tale of teenage life. It's set in a very dangerous unknown city called London. So please sit, enjoy and feel free to live it through my eyes. This is the story of the girl with the emerald eyes.