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Five- Angel revelled

We didn't go to school on friday. Knowing there would be retaleation for Sarah's beating. Nicky had enoght fighting for one week. We'd proberly get rushed on monday morning, but we had three days not to care. Nicky came to mine that morning. It was already amazing that i was going out with this beautiful girl, but know she was gonig to stay at my house that night. All day we watched tv, listened to music, went shopping (or stealing) and smoked some weed. We had the house to ourselves, most of my family were at school or work. Matt was at his stoner friend's house proberly doing heroin and Ruby was at one of her boyfriend's houses.

We were in my room, the sun was coming in the window. The light from heaven surrounding my in angel in a golden halo. Her soft touch was sensuous; i was lost in her gaze, her beautiful emerald green eyes. She laied back on my bed in the sun's warm rays, lost in a pure natrual ecstasy as i went down on her. We made love, i wish i could exsplain to you what it's like to make love to an angel, but it's something you have to exspirence.

We laied on my bed under the covers in each others arms for ages, it was wonderful. We fell asleep, Ben came home and played with Rosie down stairs. Didn't know anyone else was home untill Ruby came in the bed room and woke us up by screaming.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Ruby screamed on purpose to wake us up, making us both jump. We both staired wided eyed at her. "You give me a hard time about my sexuality and you're a fucking dyke!" My sister shouted.

"Yeah i'm gay, but you're a whore and that's worse." I started yelling.

"I'm not a whore!" Ruby screamed offended.

"Ok so what do you call someone who fucks six or seven different guys a night for money?" I retorted. My sister was speachless because she knew i was right. Nicky just sat there in the bed and watched us argue. That's all me and my sister do, scream at each other. My day was going so well untill Ruby came in. When things are perfect and all is well you can always trust your family to fuck it up. Me and Nicky got up and went down stairs.

"Didn't realise you were home 'til Ruby started screaming." My little brother said with a smile when he saw me come into the room. "Oh, hi Nicky." He said when he saw her.

"Hay Ben." She said with a smile.

"How are you? Having fun? If you stay long enoght you might get to watch my sisters kill each other." My blue eyed bro said cheackly.

"I'm good thanks. How are you? Will i see them kill each other really? That should be intresting." Nicky said laughing. Ben and Nicky get along well and that's all i really care about. We hung out in the front room and played with Rosie and Ben went and did his homework while we waited for dinner. Jason was working a nine to five so dinner was at seven. Today was rare, a once a month friday tradition, were everyone is home for dinner. Jason sits at the head of our rectangle table. Tyrone sits on his left side, Matt sits on his right, if they sat next to each other someone would die. I sit next to Tyrone, Ben sits next to me, Ruby sits next to Matt and Rosie sits next to her mother. Today Nicky sat at the end oppisite Jason. Dinner was a casarole and rice on behalf of our aunt Carol who stops by once a week to see if we're ok.

"So how is everyone today? It's nice to have everyone at dinner together for once." Jason said with a smile. Everyone siad they were alright. "So what's been going on with people?" He asked looking at Matt.

Matt was shaking. He always shivers and shakes he can't help it, it's because of all the drugs in his system. "Err...Kane got his final eviction notice today. He has one week to find a place, he wants to know if he can stay here for a while, can he?" Matt asked looking at Jason. Kane is Matt's best friend. They grew up together and started getting wasted together. Jason would proberly let him stay.

"I don't want two junkie dead beat thieves staying here." Tyrone exsclaimed before Jason could say anything. My oldest brother throught a minute.

"I've got a few days, i'll think about it." Jas said. That was that, no complaints Jason's word was final. Tyrone looked a little annoyed.

"I passed my maths exsam today." Ben said changing the subject.

"Cool." I said.

"Good for you Ben, keep up the good work." Jason said. "So what did everyone else do today?" He asked looking at me, but before i could say anything Ruby blerted out

"I was mentally scarred today."

"How'd that happen?" Matt asked. Tyrone glared at him and Ruby smiled evily at me.

"I walked in on Chris fucking her girlfriend." She said kind of whineing.

"You did not." I said sitting back in my chair stairing across the table at my sister. "I was asleep when you walked in, you woke us up by screaming." I sighed in annoyence, my sis stuck her tounge out at me like a child. Nicky kept her head down, Ben smiled and Jason said wide eyed thinking about what to say. I glanced at Nicky sitting with her head down in all her nervous beauty. I returned my gaze to my sister, stairring her down while waitting for my brother's verdict.

Looking around the table again at all the faces still waiting. Ruby smiled evily she was proud of herself, Ben had a cheecky grin he throught it was funny, Nicky hid her face behind her hair she was sacred, Matt looked dazied as usal, Tyrone looked a little discusted, Rosie had no clue what was going on and Jason was still contemplating. My oldest brother always throught carefully about things before he said anything, that's why his word was final.

"Well Chris's sexuality is her chocie, but Chris does this girl" gesturing to Nicky "make you happy?" Jason asked in a wise way.

"She makes me feel like there's a reson to care about life. She makes me happier then i can exsplain." I said in a dreamy sigh.

"Ok Nicky," She looked up at the sound of her name " do you care about my sister?" Jason asked her with a kind smile.

"More then you could relise" She replied smiling.

"Then it's fine with me." he said. I smiled at Nicky reliefed by my brothers verdict. Ruby looked pissed off at the fact that i was happy.

"I got an E on my english test." I said changing the subject. It's funny how grades can change the subject so easierly.

"You did, good for you Chris, keep it up." Jas said looking happily suprised.

"Nice one Chris." My little bro said smiling. So that's how it happened, in one small dinner conversation my family new i was a lesbian. That's ok thou it's just a problem if everyone else found out. My angel stayed until saturday everning, then went home. I hated when she had to go. I kissed her good bye and went to my room. Sunday came and went and soon enogh monday came and i could see my angel again.