Going through life its like a song,how easily you can find a song that flows within you so perfectly,feeling your ever emotions.I want to find a companion like a song,that ever time i listen i experience a new revelation, it would seem refreshing in the lonesome life of constant working thats one that i live.

Walking through my house after work,feeling so exhausting,but always left time for daydreaming wondering how it would feel to wake up with someone beside up to kisses in the morning,someone to cuddle with someone to to take naps with so can stare at them with why people read alone at night listen to music,just trying to forget that they are alone or at least thats why i do.A true love life is such a mystery to me,my Dad and Mon are divorced so really understanding couples with real devotional relationship is like amazing to me.

Opening the refrigerator,looking inside even though i already had something to eat just feel like if my family thinks i am a freak,ever sense i moved,friends have been then most of my friends don't have on the television haven't bothered to change out my working clothes,working at SubWay,the free food,yummy.

My in the future the guy i live with,needs to be able to thats a thought.

Flipping throught the channels nothings on,turned off the t. brothers are going to be here anytime begging to go with them to i have this sudden urge to listen to the coldplay song,Easy to Please,oh thats a good song

Closing my eyes still envisioning what it would be like to be greeted with someone gentle, with huges and kisses.

Wrote while i was extremely bored,yeah.