All she knew was the darkness behind her eyes, and the sharp tingling pain in her hands and feet. Motion was unthinkable; it was enough to simply lie in the dark and be. Slowly, slowly, the pins-and-needles feeling lessened and she could process her situation. Apparently, she was lying down on some hard surface. She had no recollection of being brought there, or of anything prior to the current darkness. Even her name was unknown. This realization should have frightened her, but all she felt was a sense of mild curiosity.

After a moment more, she summoned her strength and opened her eyes. A bright light flooded her vision. Blinking away the tears, she could just make out a row of shiny metal tables extending on either side of her. The room matched the tables, long and low, with barely three feet between the foot of her bed and the far wall. Another five minutes taught her the exact hue of the ceiling, and the peaceful silence that pervaded the room. Finally, she rolled off the table, groaning as she landed on her still-stiff feet.

Further examination revealed no furnishings other than the tables. The hall extended as far as she could see in both directions, like a tunnel with peach-cream walls. She slowly made her way down the corridor, searching for a way out. In the flickering fluorescent light she began to feel vaguely creeped out, and the metal shelves started reminding her of examining tables for some sadistic doctor.

In the next second, though, she forgot all thoughts of surgery: she had glimpsed something sticking out of the wall up ahead. A doorknob! Her footsteps echoed off the linoleum as she ran to the door.

It was the same color as the walls, distinguished only by a thin gap around the outside that let in a slight breeze. On that breeze she noticed a delicious aroma that she couldn't quite place. Try as she might, her mind remained stubbornly blank. For the first time she felt slightly annoyed at her memory loss, but she shrugged and put it aside.

Focusing again on the door, she tried the knob and was faintly surprised to find it unlocked. Upon opening it, she was treated to a blast of the heavenly smell, and she suddenly realized what it was. "Baking bread!" She laughed delightedly at the sound of her own voice. All at once, everything seemed wonderful. She might not know much about this place, but that just meant there was so much to find out!

The room behind the door was dim and dusty, with only a few old crates tossed about. The smell was coming from behind a door opposite her, along with a warm yellow light. Eagerly she set out, following her nose.

A large space stretched out on the other side of the door, and in it – "People," she breathed. Children, hundreds of them, sat at narrow tables, blissfully unaware of her peeping out behind the door. They looked to be around high school age. Shouts filled the room as they called to their friends and ran between the tables. Food was spread out too, in all colors and shapes: bananas, sandwiches, ice cream, figs, pumpkins, cereal, cheese, licorice, rice. The smell of baking bread was still intense, and her hunger for it soon overtook her fear of exposure. Moving quickly, she slipped through the door.