Ode to the Fangirl
By xInSaNexBlOoDyxPrInCeSs

You must admire the fangirl
Just look at her, there
Standing so tall and proud
So determined in her love

Whether he is a singer,
Or an actor,
Or an anime character
All fangirls are the same

They Google him
They edit his Wikipedia article
They think of him
They buy his merchandise

And if she is an anime fangirl,
You must give her more praise
For she lusts after a man
From the second dimension

Why does she do this?
You may wonder
Searching for a love
Destined to be unrequited

The answer is simple
Extremely simple
And any fangirl
Will tell you why

Because she is determined
Because she is persistent
Because she loves him
Like a religious idol

Because she is a fangirl

There are so many people around me who are fangirls, I just had to write this poem.