Viciously Warm Liqueur

In the cool air with warm liqueur...

She could of just left him there, in the dark, in the cold to freeze.
Let his heart freeze over with hatred, anguish and the unrealistic
realisation that she is just like every other girl... demanding and
hopeless. Once, she wouldn't of cared, she would of let him sit
there for all she cared because she didn't need a life with his
unattractive ways. She didn't want to be the one to give in first
at every sign of trouble, she shouldn't need to either. Right now,
right here in this time, she has learned to changed... unfortunately.

Beneath the dark sky and light heads...

She feels somewhat cheated every time that she gives in. Like she
loses the battle even when she shouldn't have. But she knows that
deep down that there is no other way, someone, in the end always
gives in, it just happens to be her. Despite it all, nothing ever gets
resolved, in fact she walks away with a heavy heart knowing that
when he says its solved its solved. She's learning this fact too well.
She's realising that things can change with time, no matter what they are.

With heartfelt words and vicious truths...

In the end, she kisses him, hugs him, and gives him every benefit
of the doubt. Every time. This time will be the last. Despite herself
promising that for so long, she will not be played for a fool or be
so easily controlled. There is no next time for her anymore. She's
not sure what she will do, all she knows is that she will never be
the first to fall; it hasn't worked for her to begin with. She will not
give up so easily anymore to keep the peace; peace will have to
learn to come to her.

She is not every other girl... neither demanding nor hopeless.
She is herself in every way... whether you can accept that or not.

(Published: 28/05/06)