"Okay, so then what did Brendan say?" Carrie asked. I shrugged.

"That if Don hurts me, he'll kill him." Carrie's eyes widened.

"Was he being serious?" I bit my lip.

"I can't really be sure." She arched an eyebrow at me. "I don't know if he'd actually kill him, but Brendan would probably beat him to a pulp." Carrie shook her head as we dropped our stuff at the lunch table.

"But what'd Don say?" She threw over her shoulder as we headed up to grab drinks out of the cooler.

"That if he hurts me, he'll let him?" I said, trying to decide between the fries and pizza. Suddenly someone's arms slid around my waist from behind. I shrieked and almost dropped my water.

"Eavesdropping isn't nice." Don said in my ear. I turned around and smacked his arm with the bottle in my hands. Carrie was laughing at me from the line. I threw her a dirty look. Oh she'd pay for that later. She would pay. (insert evil laugh here).

"I wasn't exactly eavesdropping." I informed him, eyeing the piece of pizza I picked up. "I was just waiting for you to hightail it and run for your life, outside the door, and just happened to overhear your conversation." I paid for the pizza, and walked out. After he bought his fries, he took his usual seat next to me. Dawn's face broke into a huge grin when she saw us.

"I knew it!" She shrieked. "I just knew the two of you would get together!"

"What makes you think we're together?" Don asked, dunking his fry in ketchup

"Oh please. A girl can tell." Dawn said. I choked on my water.

"Oh? So it wasn't Phil who told you?" Dawn flushed and glared at me, dipping her head back to her sandwich. "After he saw us outside Math this morning?" I glared at Phil, who grinned.

"What, you think I wasn't going to tell her?" He asked. "I caught you two in a lip-lock!" Carrie burst into hysterical giggles and fell out of her seat. Several people looked over at us, and I put my head in my hands, trying to hide the blush creeping up my neck.

"You're blushing." Don said in my ear. I felt my stomach flip, then twist as his arm snaked around my waist.

"Shut up." I muttered into my hands.

"Aw, come on. It's not that bad." I rolled my eyes, and lifted my head to look at Carrie. She was brushing off her jeans, still grinning like a madwoman. I glared at her, then turned my head to look at Don. Before I could muster a glare at him, his lips were on mine, his hand on my neck.

Carrie and Dawn let out a collective squeal, and I pulled away, biting my lip as I felt my face burn. Don chuckled, and went back to his fries, a conspiratorial grin on his face. I just shook my head and went back to my pizza.

After school Carrie caught me on my way out to Don's car. "Robin!" I turned to look at her, still walking backwards.


"You need a dress for the prom!" She called, running toward me. I mentally calculated how long it would take her to get within arms reach if I started sprinting. Maybe I could get to Don's car and convince him to drive before she got to me! Ah ha! A plan! I turned and started to run, except there was one problem. I ran headlong into a very solid body, and ended up sprawled on my back, looking up at a very well built guy. He smirked at me. Arrogant jerk. I though as I sat up. He extended a hand to me.

"Can I help you?" He asked. I glanced over my shoulder at Carrie, who was now running after me.

"No, I'm sorry about running into you, bye!" I sprinted off in the direction that Don had parked his car that morning, but it wasn't there. "Damn it!"

"Robin! He's not here! I told him I was going to drag you out shopping, and that's what we're going to do!" I glared at her, one word for Don going through my head right then. Traitor!

"Well, come on!"

"But I'm supposed to go to Don's for dinner tonight!"

"Exactly. Brendan dropped off a change of clothes for you, and they're in my car. I'll drop you off when we're done shopping."


"No buts! Now come on!"

I hate shopping. Period. I never have, and never will. It's been better for my ego since my mother used to choose clothes that were three sizes too small, and then called me 'big' when they didn't fit.

Carrie, well she helps a lot more. She just tends to have a different sense of style than I do. While she tends to dress in loud, vibrant colors, I stay to darker, more subdued colors. I like things looser, she likes them tighter. So it was amazing that we settled on a dress. It was a red satin spaghetti-strap dress that brushed the floor in my bare feet.

When I stepped out of the fitting room, Carrie let out an unearthly shriek, which made a couple people stick their heads out. God, she could be so annoying. "That is perfect! Don is going to have a heart attack!" I rolled my eyes.

"It's not even zipped up yet." I said. "Could you?" Carrie dashed over to me, and yanked the zipper up, then shoved me toward the three-way mirror. I stumbled over to it, careful not to step on the dress, and looked at myself in the mirror. It was deep blood red color, that really made my eyes stand out. Don't ask me how a red dress brought out brown eyes, it just did. I was glad I'd decided to get contacts permanently. My eyes slid down from my face to my torso. The dress fit to my body perfectly. I turned around to face Carrie, my hand over my mouth. Her grin widened even more.

"Oh my God. . ." I trailed off, and she threw her arms around my neck.

"I know! You are so buying it!" She exclaimed. I grinned, twirling in front of the mirror. Prom was going to be great.

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