For some reason theres these days where I wish I never met you

On these days I cry these tears that put me to sleep at night

And theres some days theres no reason to ever say I love you

But on these days its just a lie for in my darkness you're the light

For some reason late at night i hug my pillow and think of you

And as the tears fall down my cheek, hitting the floor below

I start to wonder and i start to think if you truly know

No matter how many times a day you forget about me

In my mind and in my heart you're the one I see

I'll love you until the break of dawn

And after that I'll love you more even when your gone

You've got my heart by the veins

And you've caused me so much unbearable pain

But I'm so lost in your eyes

I can never fully realize

That its just a game no real meaning to your mind

And if you look closely you shall find

Wishes come true to those who wish least

Because if it were not true you'd already be with me

For every night within my prayes

I wish to all that you were there

So slit my wrist and break my heart again

But for some reason I will always be your friend