(a/n) I wrote this for my grade 9 English class a few months ago. Imagine to what extent I had a seizure when I received nearly full marks on this one. Why did I have a seizure (figuratively speaking)? It was the crappiest piece of literature that I have ever written! Seriously, creative or not...

So why did I post this nonsense? No, I'm not asking you to sympathize or contradict me. I simply had fun writing it. While thinking of a potential creature with a friend, I accidentally shouted "TESTICLES" instead of tentacles in the cafeteria. Yep. That's me.

By: Dawn A. Gulanes

A giant squid who's trying to save the world from the opening gates of Hell under Atlantis hidden somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. It doesn't get much more ocmplicated than that!

The Squid watched as an enormous, grotesque, black head surfaced from the crimson fissure. Green horns, terrifying yellow eyes, and a brutal beak followed. The Squid gave the monster no chance to come out; he attacked the beast. The brute uttered a cry that reverberated through the ocean floor as the Squid rammed into him. But before the Squid could close the crack, the fiend burst out at him. The massive Squid felt his head collide with something hard.

It was the base of Atlantis. Atlantis, the continent he had promised to protect with his life. The continent that remains ignorant of the rest of the world except for theirs. Then there was the rest of humanity who, though they know him not, he must also defend even if doing so jeopardizes his own being.

With his infinite tentacles that blended with the colour of the sea, the Squid encircled his enemy in a strong grasp. His limbs were beyond those of the normal mollusk. They were sharp to the point that they were invisible. Though each one weighed no less than ten tons each, the Squid moved them fluidly with perfected ease. He squeezed the son of Hell with all his might that the azure waters stained scarlet. Their blood mixed as the gargantuan animals struggled with each other. Yet, somehow, the fiend tore itself out of the Squid's grip and disappeared.


"Waves too tall! Eat Atlantis!" On Atlantis, the whole city cried out as waves of the tallest they've ever seen disturbed them.

"Sea boils. Sea restless." Now, the whole sea was churning as if in a boil.

"Weather unclear. People cannot see!" Steam fogged the entire area. Then there was a sudden collision and liftoff where the whole Atlantis was thrown kilometers up in the air.

"Evil! Evil attacks. We attack Evil!"

These were the few words that the people had to say. Nothing more was needed. Evil was taking place within the deep, and they must rid themselves of it.


The Squid knows that power is not to be abused, but used to protect those important to him. He knew he had power beyond comprehension in this world; the Squid had the intellect that surpassed the human capacity. That is why he must live isolated and alone, unknown to anyone or anything living, otherwise his powers will be used immorally. The Squid must hide his power and use it for good. To him, there was nothing more important than protecting the world that nurtured him, that gave him life. That was the source of his power, his strength, his passion.

No one had told him, but he knew by his deepest instincts what he was meant to do. Atlantis, the untainted, floating continent, was hidden in the Bermuda Triangle where no modern man has ever fared; this is where he must be. He had to keep this land pure until the rest of the world needed it to be the only key to their survival. Underneath this pure land, the deepest point of Earth is to be found. It was closest to the core of the Earth, where Hell and its children reside. Here is where he must play his part. With his power, he must guard this portal and let no evil pass through. Even as a speck of nothing in the vast void of creations, the Squid knew his purpose.

He head-butted the monster in; he was even more motivated to close this work of evil. The Squid himself had harmed the very people he protected. This must not happen. Again, he dived into the crack in the ocean and succeeded clogging the opening. However, all was not done.

His magnificent tentacles writhed as he felt the spawns of the underworld doing the unmentionable to his head. Though his skull was as hard as the purest diamonds on Earth, Hell had such brutal ways. The Squid would die in torture, but triumphant in saving the people he was meant to care for. The next moment, there was a grand explosion that the Squid didn't hear, but rather felt.

Then, he was dead.


"We hit Evil! We hit Evil!"

"Evil stop! Evil leave!" So the people of Atlantis shouted.

The people had accomplished throwing down, to the fathomless bottom of the sea, the monstrous clam bombs they had fashioned. A magnificent blast shook the whole Earth, felt from end to end. It almost toppled the Earth from its orbit. Atlantis may not be similar to the modern world, but a bomb was enough to eliminate countries the size of China itself.

At that moment, blood rose from the sea and spurted all over the undiscovered continent. Huge masses of what they made out to be flesh of sin, as enormous as whales, were seen traveling at amazing speeds in the air. They disappeared at a vast distance over the horizon.


Thousands of miles away, in the land of the burning sun, where the soil turned to insignificant grains, Africa, the splurged flesh of the Squid landed. The living in the area dared investigate them. They poked, prodded, and examined the unknown meat.

As the night went on, throughout the land, the Squid's flesh over the fire fed thousands upon thousands of stomachs. Tribes were filled. Predators were filled—their preys were spared. So the selfless Squid, even after his death, is victorious. His power, he did not abuse, but used for the good of all other than himself.


(a/n) The idea itself is not the thing that makes me cringe in horror. It's the well...yea..whatever...EVERYTHING I guess.

Well, I hope that you, to some bizarre extent, enjoyed this. It's short, supposedly under 1 000 words by the criteria.

If you don't get it, feel free to ask and leave your email or something like that. (w/e)