No Escape

By Christina

May his good

luck follow him

where ever he may go

Chapter 1

Before the disaster

Jackson walked down the road to school with his two childhood friends Nathan and Joseph. Jackson Brambee was known as Jaki and Jack . . . most of the time called Jaki. No one in his school knew his problem . . . that he was a homosexual. And to his amazement he really didn't care. He was an albino, meaning he was fairly tall with white hair, and red eyes. His hair was spike up like the quills of a hedge hog and the tips were dyed lime green, his eyes looked like two coals of burning fire, and he stood at six foot eight inches towering over his two friends.

Nathan Hemmingway, otherwise known as Nate, had a dyed blue Mohawk, his original hair colour was bright brown. His eyes were a shade of dark blue, and he also wore blue . . . he was obsessed with that colour! He was a six foot two Goth very different from Jaki's punk status . . . Jaki also always wore black, white, and grey with a little green and pink.

Joseph Hemmingway was Nate's adopted brother. He was known as Jose, Joe, Joey, and Seph, but everyone mainly called him Joey. He was a five foot four gothic brat. He had fiery red chin length hair, and the right side of his head was shaved. His eyes looked like bright burning emeralds that shimmered with untold mischief. And to go with his red hair he had a temper that was easily pulled.

All three boys were fourteen and born one after the other in the summer time. They headed to honours math as the teacher, Mr. Choco, looked at them muttering "Here comes trouble!" They took their usual seats watching as the teacher walked to the door to introduce the new student.

"Now my dear brats I'd like you to meet our new victim" Mr. Choco said his bronze skin glowing slightly, as the very short man, with short black hair, almost black eyes, and a habit of cracking jokes at everything, urged the new boy into the room.

The new boy had chin length chocolate brown hair that went from ear length to chin length from the from of his head to the back, it was also layered with dyed dark blond streaks and curled out at the bottom. He had deep eyes the same shade of brown as his hair, and he was about Joey's height. He wore a see through sky blue golf t-shirt that buttoned up at the top, but he left it unbuttoned, he also wore navy blue baggy jeans that were worn out and had various rips all over. He had on no socks, but he did wear a pair of cream coloured sandals with moon and sun symbols on them. He smiled nervously at the class, his tanned skin glowing and Jaki rolled his eyes hearing the girls whispering to each other.

"Class this is Cade Carson. He's transfer student from Australia." Mr. Choco said.

"Actually sir . . . I was born in Australia, but my father moves my sister and I around a lot so I didn't live there my entire life, only the past two months." Cade timidly corrected the teacher.

"Fine, fine." Mr. Choco said gesturing to Cade to take a seat.

Cade immediately ran for the nearest available seat and to Jaki, Nate, and mostly Joey's disgust, it was right next to Joey.

After the lesson was taught and the assignments were handed out Jaki glanced over at Cade to find the new boy bent over his desk, staring at a map of the school, and his schedule.

Jaki, having pity on the new kid, said "Hey Cade! Need help?"

Cade turned to Jaki blushing and muttered "Can't figure out where my gym class is."

Jaki ignored the surprised glares from Nate and Joey, and walked right up next to Cade and looked over his shoulder at his schedule. Jaki's eyes brightened with surprise to see that every class that he, Nate, and Joey were in Cade was in at the same time.

"Uh . . . You'll have nothing to worry about buddy. Two other guys, and I are taking our classes together at the same time . . . and you're in the same classes as us with us." Jaki told him, then turning to find Nate and Joey gaping at Cade like he grew two heads.

Cade blinked as the news slinked in and by then Jaki was introducing himself "I'm Jackson Brambee, everyone calls me Jaki," he started, then pointed to Nate and said "that's Nathan Hemmingway, but everyone calls him Nate," He then pointed behind himself to Joey and said "and that pissed off boy behind me is Joseph Hemmingway, Nate's adopted brother, he is called Joey. We are the one's who will be in all your classes." Jaki finish watching Cade look around him only to hide again, due to the fact that Joey was glaring at both of them and Nate was too shocked to notice.

Jaki then smiled nervously and turned to find his friends glaring daggers at him . . . right after Nate got out of shock. "Fuck! I hope they don't kill me for befriending him." Jaki thought watching as Cade eyed his friends cautiously and then decided to tell him a bit more. "Nate is pretty dense and easily confused so if you get in trouble with him all you have to do is confuse him and your safe" he said as Nathan shot more daggers at him. "It's Joey you have to watch out for 'cuz he's hell on legs. Piss him off and you'll totally regret it, and I'm the calm smart one." Jaki finished watching Cade nod and stare at Joey fearfully, with Joeys sneering evilly back.

All four boys stood out side after school, and after Cade had called his dad saying he'd be at a friend's house.

"Can we just wait here for my sister before we head off?" Cade asked Jaki keeping a distance from Joey. Nathan had spat at the ground, placed a blade of grass in his mouth, and taken off his shirt while this was happening.

"We have to wait anyways for my sister Claire, brother Adrian, and Nate's sisters Esmeralda, and Ruby to get here. Ruby will be coming from the middle . . . and let me guess there's a short cherry blond female standing behind me, a 'really' short female." Jaki said guessing Ruby Hemmingway was standing behind him, emphasizing on "really".

"Yup!" Cade said as he looked behind Jaki to find a four foot ten thirteen year old standing there. She had long cherry blond hair that was put into two loose pony tails covering her ears, small innocent hazel eyes and a very skinny body. She was wearing skin tight jeans, and a green tank top with a pink Gryffindor back pack.

Cade liked her immediately and smiled at the girl as Jaki turned around and winked at Cade as Ruby backed up giggling.

Suddenly, a tall, anorexic, boy with short slightly silvery blond hair parted over his left eye, jumped onto Jaki's back laughing like a mad man, his silvery blue eyes bright with curiosity as they took in the new boy.

"Hey lil' bro. Who's this dude?" The boy who must be Adrian Brambee asked Jaki.

"The new boy Cade Carson" Jaki said "Cade this is my sixteen year old brother Adrian." The two boys eyed each other as two girls approached followed by a serious looking twelfth grader.

One of the girls was Cade's sister Virginia who had plenty of nickname's one of them "super slut" but she was just called Gina. She had wildly spiked chocolate brown hair streaked dark blond and bubble gum pink, with a pair of deep chocolate brown eye's and was about average height.

The seventeen year old Cade figured was Jaki's sister Claire. She had long dirty blond hair, messy bangs, and a pair of dark and cold green eyes. She was slightly taller than the two girls, and by the way she was eyeing the she didn't like their current attire.

The last girl must have been Esmeralda with her long black hair that was in a loose pony tail and three long bits of hair lay loose in front of her face partially covering her right eye. She was about Gina's height with dark brown almost black eyes.

After the introductions were made Cade walked over to his sister and found she was talking about him.

"So he's the brat brother you were talking about?" Esmeralda asked Gina laughing.

"Yep, he's bratty, shy, and extremely nervous." Gina sighed out "he's a disgrace to boy kind."

"Well at least I'm not a slut!" Cade growled at his sister ignoring the fact that the others had stopped talking and were watching him and his sister as Esmeralda backed away.

"A slut am I?" Gina said as she eyed her brother "you're the one that was fucking around with the boys in Australia."

"And you shagged the entire school soccer team and cheerleader squad while we were in England" Cade growled.

"Only after you'd finished with 'em" she paused "you're the one that paid a bi couple to take your virginity."

"You had oral sex with your teachers just to get better grades!"

"You fucked with your English teacher while we were in Australia just to keep you're 'A'."

"You had sex with dad and mum!"

"Oh! And weren't you dad's bed warmer last night? Mum's dead, he doesn't need me so he keeps you." Gina cackled as their audience stared at Cade as he growled and raised his clenched fist ready to strike his sister . . .

. . . But as he got ready to punch he felt a hand grab his arm and lift him up. When the unknown person put him back on the ground Cade spun around to be faced with a tall, well built man about thirty-nine. He had golden blond messy hair, bright green eyes and a five o'clock shadow running from his top lip, to his chin, and then to his ears.

"Hi dad" Nathan said getting out of his state of shock as Cade glared up at Collin Hemmingway.

"Uh . . . hi Collin" Jaki said trying to think of something to say. "Cade Carson there is new and Virginia here is his sister." He said sticking his thumb in the direction of each subject "Cade was about to hit (what I really mean is punch) her because she was saying some . . . interesting things about his sexual life."

"Still doesn't give him a reason to hit a girl" Collin said grabbing the collar of Cade's golf shirt right when the boy turned around and got ready to swing at his sister.

Cade glared darkly up at Collin baring his pearly teeth, and suddenly sunk them into the flesh of Collin's arm. Collin growled and let Cade go. As soon as Collin had his arm back he inspected it seeing a deep wound and sighed in defeat watching as blood seeped from the wound.

"I'm sorry! I forgot to warn you . . . Cade really doesn't like being grabbed by the collar of his shirt because that's how our father does it when . . . he wants Cade to warm up his bed." Gina said nervously. "If you plan on doing that to Cade again I'd suggest right when you grab his collar and see him turn to bite grab his head and keep your arms out of reach so he doesn't have anything to bite." She warned him, eyeing Cade as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and spat at the ground, clearing himself of Collin's blood. It appeared the boy was off in his own world and ignoring everyone else.

"Well I didn't come to be bitten by a little teenager. I came to escort all of you to the Brambee house . . . there's something that needs discussing . . . and it's mainly about Jaki." Collin said looking at Jaki as the boy looked back confused "you'll find out when we get to your house Jaki . . . just wait." Collin said to the boy who was close to panicking.

Collin then, holding his wounded arm close, lead the group of teenagers to Jaki's house.