Autumn leaf, a hidden parcel folded up in red paper, a snow of fire from the heaven's reaches,

Under the shadow of the tree's reaching bows, dismissed by the wind and the sun's sweet kisses,

Transformed from the evanescent beauty of spring, the green caress of summer's warm trials,

Ugly at first, but beauty folded within your crinkles and wrinkles like the old lady that smiles,

Mindless pleasure held in your hands, the crunch of your body snapping beneath human fingers,

Never there for long enough, the green that fades to gold and the red fire that won't linger,

Left on the ground, abandoned, discarded, like pieces of rubbish summer didn't want anymore,

Envy flickering from your crying eyes, you want to be green like the leaves that came before,

Autumn leaf, folded up, shrivelling inside yourself, the picture that summer left behind long ago,

Fading red leaves that will in turn dissipate and make way for the coming of the winter queen's snow.