Alex was falling, a small scream issuing out of her mouth, before she clenched her teeth and closed her eyes, preparing herself for the immenent impact. She heard a crunching sound as Dillon's body hit the train her heart twisting violently as she did, but she didn't feel herself hit it, instead she felt a strong arm around her, lifting her away from the speeding train.

Strange. No pain. Did I die? she thought, not sure if she was relieved it had finally come, or sad that it had come so soon. Her mind raced, her insides twisting as the idea that Dillon was dead too replayed in her mind. He'd left her because of Julie twice now, but this time was forever. She wanted to know if she'd see him again, but remembering days in churches she figured otherwise. Alex fell into a half asleep as a gentleness came over her. It was reassuring, it was the shadowy figure again, it told her Dillon was o.k. now, just to sleep, to stop crying. She obeyed and closed her swollen eyes.

After what seemed eternity, the gentle beating of wings made her open her eyes, blinking fast to adjust to the bright light directly above her. As things came into focus she realized that the light was the moon, but how could the moon be so big? she wondered and why the moon?. Her eyes looked to the side and saw a massive black wing gliding in the night air, and she realized that she was flying in something's arms.
Blinking her eyes could see glossy black wings gliding along on the winds, black hair whipping about nearly blending into the wings. It took Alex a moment to realize that she was in a weird position. looking over again she tried to bring things into focus, thoughts flicked quickly through her mind.

A Dark Angel, so strange…

His dark hair...looks so much like Dillon's, only longer. She smiled and whispered his name.

No reaction.

Lifting up her head she saw his face, and almost let go. No reunion with Dillon here, just that bastard Damien! She wanted to punch him but realized he was holding her in a way that she couldn't struggle. She was about to scream at him when his electric blue eyes seemed to look just past her, and a pretty voice called over the wind.

"Is she still asleep?"

Alex stayed silent even though He did not answer, but the voice got what she wanted. "Too bad, but we're almost there." Damien looked at Alex briefly and began to descend, giving her a short glimpse of the owner of that voice. It was his damned girlfriend again, her sarcastic smile making Alex angry. What were these stupid Anderrans doing with her? What did they want! Alex hated them with everything she had, while struggling not to cry as she thought of how foolishly she'd not been able to save Dillon, how she'd just assumed that she would get to after she died.

The ground drew closer, and even though Alex couldn't see it, she sensed the familiarity. She waited to land, hoping that she could use the landing as a optimal time to get Damien hurt somehow, but unexpectedly was let go. Grabbing out for what she could, Alex caught hold of some of his dark black hair, yanking him close to the ground before he was able to push her off. Falling the rest of the way, Alex hit her head on the ground, and passed out.

"Such a pretty little girl, I wonder why the twins would leave you for me." Alex watched a greasy little man pace in front of her, but felt at a loss to care. More curious. They had seriously kept her from dying just to drop her in the forest for a pervert to find? Although as she took her first real deep breath, she began to worry. The smell…couldn't be…a rock hit her in the head a second time as she was drug, and her mind was a little disoriented again.

Alex was being dragged out of the forest into a grouping of ruins that reminded her a little bit of an old church she'd once been in. Alex could still remember sitting at one of her guardian's side trying not to laugh at the frenzied priest telling them all to repent, he had been shouting at them, but the girl, Hazel, who was caring for her had gotten misty eyed, glad to at least be in a church service.

Alex knew that her other guardian most likely hadn't stepped foot in a church since they where children, before the wars end, but didn't care. No one really went to a religious service anymore, at least not in the small towns. There probably weren't even churches a hundred miles away from Sage's Hollow.

Her mind continued to wander and she though of when she had been 10 years old she'd been coming to Sage's Hollow for the first time with her guardian of that time, Shadow Hiyuri. Hiyuri Kage as she'd been made to call her, decided it was time to try and stay put for little while, the war actually seeming like it might be coming to an end. She joined them up as guards for a caravan going here, and surprisingly they'd actually gotten the job. A girl her age had quickly befriended her out of sheer boredom, her name was Julie.

They'd gotten along, more or less because Alex had only had very few friends her own age in her entire lifetime. Julie had been excruciatingly proud of her Christianity and had a thing about calling all those who did not believe the way she did heathens. It confused her a bit, The other guardian having also been a strong believer had never been judgmental of others. And especially since she'd never seen anyone behave that way. Still though, Alex had really wanted a friend so she had acted like Julie for a while. Praying over her food and before bed, even doing the weird cross thing at random times. Shadow had laughed at her, always asking why she even cared. "Kage sensei! She's my friend!" Shadow had just shook her head and walked away.

Eventually, Alex got tired of pretending and gave it up. After a while Julie had to learn to accept those who didn't believe, and later when she met her again, Julie lost her faith entirely caring only about herself. She now showed certain disdain towards those of the faith.

Alex on the other hand had started praying again for some nostalgic reason, not sure if she remembered why she liked doing it even if she didn't believe in a God. Once when she and Julie were fighting, and her friends had all taken Julie's side, Alex had begged for a friend. The same day she found a little auburn and white puppy, abandoned too, that followed her around when it saw her. It ran away not long after her and Julie were friends again, but it was a good enough answer for her to believe in the possibility of a God.

During the sermon she'd sat through with Hazel, Heaven and Hell had been described. Hell, more than Heaven. She'd been told its were the sinners went, fire, brimstone, and torture. Looking around she saw dead bodies, some still bleeding, all naked and some looked as if they'd been rotting for some time, those with expression left in their faces looked in agony. They all seemed to have the same strange cuts winding around their bodies crude looking attempts at artistry.

Maybe she was in Hell joked with herself, but this wasn't quite like they'd told her it would be, so maybe it was Heck. Most aspects of religion Alex took lightly, Hell among them. Laughing out loud, she was sobered by a slap to the face.

"Do you know something I don't little human!" The man screeched his eyes wide and his teeth bared and rotten.

She shook her head, eyes still glazed over, and her head felt like someone was digging around in there with a hot poker, broken out of her memories. "Why are you laughing?" He growled, getting within inches of her face. She smiled and answered

"I'm in heck." she said brightly.

She was slapped again, but still kept the smile on her face. "You'll be in Hell soon if you don't stop...smiling." the little man said lamely. Turning away he looked into the sky, and then to the trees nearby his hide out, wringing his hands. "What the hell did those twins do to you before they gave you to me..." The little man said shaking his head. Alex agreed. What use was she to them, or was she just dragged into this whole mess for their sick enjoyment. Alex considered that one, everyone had their preferences, maybe Damien and his Girlfriend were super deviant. She didn't know, but also figured the personality would be a little funny on a guy like him. Meanwhile, the greasy little man stared out for a while, before turning, his hand clutching at a necklace around which a red stone hung. Alex widened her eyes but quickly hid her shock before he turned back to her.

"Well then, are you ready to join the others? Maybe if your good you'll get to take your turn watching the knife."

"Damien, I can't believe you dropped her like that! what if it had killed her? You would have been heartbroken for sure." Skye whispered harshly to her brother, a smile on her lips.

Damien showed no remorse for dropping the girl, in fact a small smile played along his lips as well.
"Don't worry, Alex is fine, she yanked out a handful of my hair before letting go. Hell, she's laughing at Karikus right now." Damien told Skye.

"She's probably got a concussion, and laughing cause she can't see anything but stars" She giggled. She sounded hopeful to Damien, which made him think that maybe she was rooting for Karikus to off Alex.

Skye noticed her brothers sideways glances at her and got annoyed. " Do you know how emotional the stupid B…"

Damien covered her mouth. "I know what you are going to say, but its better if you shut up. We're working, so be quiet."

A quiet pause settled in as Karikus nervously scanned the trees. Skye was seriously non plussd but felt a full quiver of taunts to use on her brother fill up. "you don't like her do you?"

"What good is a human girl?" he retorted. No defense, just a fact. Skye hated it when he did that.

Alex hadn't been as dazed as Karikus had thought. Karikus had turned his back on Alex, and while Skye's attention was focused on him, Damien watched as Alex pulled a moderately sized blade out of her boot. Karikus had been stupid enough to leave her untied, and she moved herself into position. It didn't take much thought to figure out what Karikus was going to do to her, and Alex didn't plan on letting it happen.

Damien moved out as he saw Karikus turn around, not because he was concerned for Alex's safety, but he was curious to see her take on Karikus. Damien wanted to see her in action, before only seeing her run. But now, with no other fragile humans around to protect, she was left in an interesting corner. He grew impatient waiting for Karikus to return, even though he knew that he kept his blade elsewhere in the ruins, next to his favorite humans dead body. As Karikus waddled back, a laugh filled up Damiens chest at the thought of such a homely being being called a "demon" being watched over by the council for so long as he had been because of some rumor of him having "power" or something.

And as he neared Alex's trap, Damien felt the situation almost become hilarious. Most like Karikus didn't worry about protection from humans, he was called Demon because of the Blood in his veins, and the crystal around his neck, considering those without lesser life forms. He had no fear of humans getting too much advantage on him, and so as he passed next to Alex lying on the ground he didn't even glance at her. Had it been anyother human, perhaps it wouldn't have been so foolhardy of him.

He was conceited enough not to notice the obvious new position she'd taken. A fatal error that Damien couldn't contain his glee as it occurred. Skye looked at him strangely before watching the show.

She was putting on a good act of being almost catatonic, her formerly slurred mind processes brought to a sharp point with the second slap of the face. She rolled onto her knees, and rocking back, then forward sprang up, driving her blade into Karikus' back. Karikus growled in pain and then spun around, managing to get it just right to boot Alex off. Walking to her battered body, he lifted Alex off her feet holding her by the neck. The foggy look in her eyes did not return as her air supply was cut off, instead intense focus burned, a smile returned to her face. "A devil can have no power unless you give it to him" She was choking on a laugh.

It sounded very much like what a different priest at that same sermon had said. Funny how the soft spoken one had left a better impression than the frenzied priest.

Again, her actions had been feigned to get him to do what she wanted. Her foot lashed out, faster than Damien had seen a human move before, and connected with his stomach. Karikus crumpled slightly, she took advantage, swinging her other foot and striking the side of his face, twisting forward out of his grasp flipping herself over his shoulder, she reached out mid-flight and pulled the knife out his back. Bouncing slightly on her feet she reached around his neck, and with one movement took it across his throat, cutting an inch deep.

Breathing hard, Alex finished things off by catching the string to his necklace breaking it off, the crystal falling to the ground. Reaching down to pick it up, Alex rose to stand over his body, watching blood drain out of his neck and back.

She looked empty for a moment. Rage, grief, energy utterly spent. And then, with a glance toward the twins, She ran for home.

And Damien smiled, very entertained.

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