Between the Stars and I.


Hide yourself away from me, in tangled cloth and veils of night

That stretch beneath the timeless limits of the sky.

I always hide from you, buried in the folds of yesterday

Where alone means something new from what it does now.

I want to touch that sky, feel it on my fingertips like rain

Brushing the tender lips of a stranger unstrange.

To touch, with hands curling round a neck that only wants to snap

Under the pressure and crush of all that there is.

Weighted words spill forth from closed lips, sealed by the tarnished burning

Of consequence and time, sieves too fine to slip through.

Part those lips and try to breathe, choke up and swallow gauzy breath

That paints stripes of dark in fluid motions unseen.

Settle into the silence and feel it clutching at your chest

Relentlessly, against the chiming of the bells.

Doesn't need to be heard, no more than it needs you to listen

To the silence in your own heart, in your own chest.

Pull tight the noose and watch with eyes lit behind the glassy walls

Built by your own hands; a barrier between us.

Send up into the night a flare for help; watch as it falls back

Down, unanswered call from a slip of your fingers.

Author's Note: I apologise for the odd break marks. Fictionpress didn't want to let me have spaces there... And yes, Love Bites will be updated soon.