My words fall on deaf ears,

I know this for a fact.

How to get it to sink in,

Without having to act.

I want to scream in frustration,

What good will that do?

How to say it without irritation,

Because I care about you.

Sometimes people are stupid,

Not getting the clue.

Not listening,

But nodding.


Without understanding.

I'm pleading,

And you're laughing.

I'm hoping,

You're just ignoring.

When I am sighing,

You're smiling.

Why am I always ignored?

I have never understood.

Like how to wield a sword,

When you practiced with one of wood.

Or how to drive a ford,

When watching was what you understood.

Why can people hear,

When they never listen?

So my words fall on deaf ears,

As they will for many years.