A smirk spread across his face as ice spun within his hand and fire spun around his hand. Thirteen days ago he had figured out the how to cast this unique combo. Now it was his to wield against the Yauti soldiers.

Axe-men poured over the hill as this fight continued yet these soldiers would meet the same doom as the rest. He laughed as another group joined the numerous screaming of the battlefield.

A glint of steel caught his eye just as he released his last ire. A loud thud accented the arrows flight into his leg. He screamed out into the high noon air. The sky-grey shaft protruding out of the leg, two yellow and a red feather marked the shaft.

His hands closed around the shaft as he continued his scream as he ripped the arrow out. Falling down onto the ground as the pain was too unbearable. Once again placing his hands over the wound, and calling on the healing craft he mended his leg back together, the pain ripped through him as the leg stitched itself back, passing out from the pain.

Alike all the other soldier he crested the hill trying to kill off the last of the mages of the Jaunit. Always thinking themselves as a higher class then a common soldier, they would meet their demise and be placed back in their proper place, below mercenaries.

Glancing about the field he picked out one of the last seven. Knocking the arrow on the bow he pulled it taut and released once it reached his cheek bone. Flying out as quickly it could in the marshy air that carried the clanging of the hardened metal upon its brother