A Tear In Your Eye

The day you realize you are not a kid,

Is the day you realize of what you did,

How you used her and how she felt,

And how she did and how she dealt,

There is nothing more she can say,

About the awful and dreadful day,

Nothing can stop those memories that come,

Or how her heart felt like a drum,

You would play it till it had a hole,

Big enough and then you stole,

Everything that was inside,

So now there is nothing on the outside,

She regrets the day that they met,

Or how she looked up at his beautiful set,

The eyes that sparkled with happiness and love,

He finally asked her out, she felt like a dove,

But that day came fast,

Nothing she can do could help it last,

She feels nothing anymore,

So now she is lying on the floor,

Dead to everyone as they cry,

But to you nothing but a tear in your eye,