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Chapter One

As Justin came downstairs to get breakfast before school, he thought again about seeing Michael in almost all of his classes.

"God he is hot!" Justin thought.

"What a smile you have on Justin. Care to share?"

"No thanks, this one is all mine." Justin said, smirking at the look of disappointment on his dad's face.

"You will tell me eventually Justin, you always do." Mr. Mason said.

"Whatever you say, Dad." Justin answered.

He couldn't remember a time when he didn't live with his dad. His mom had died when he when Justin was about a year old and was sent to live with his dad, who was also gay.

Now 16 and a junior in high school, Justin was used to being treated horribly.

"Never try to be who you aren't son. If you are gay, don't pretend to be straight just to fit in; you will only make yourself miserable." His dad had told him that the first day he had come home with a black eye. A group of football players had ganged up on him and were beating him up pretty badly when Michael Egan came and broke them up. Justin supposed that that was the day he began to like Michael.

Now Michael was a full-time obsession and occupied most of Justin's wet dreams. He knew he would probably never have a chance with Michael, but he dreamed of it nonetheless.

"Come on sport, time for school. Got all your stuff? Do you have the lunch Solange packed you? Good, let's get going then."

Michael Egan was also thinking about school, well more like seeing Justin Mason at school.

"He is incredibly hot, but can I tell him I like without exposing that I'm gay?"

Michael sighed; it was all so frustrating; he was miserable hiding the fact he was gay and couldn't go out with the hottest person in school, but on the other hand, he could lose his scholarship if he came out of the closet.

"I need, but who can I talk to that won't freak freak out on me?" Michael got into his car and headed toward school, arguing with himself the whole way.

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