When it comes to being true,

At least true to you,

I will never know why.

These hymns inspired by the leaders,

Those who speak of unity,

From dreamers to believers,

God's language called love,

Flying as high as a dove.

The word from my soul,

From the start to the finish,

The journey was the start,

Not the end,

But you know we can't pretend.

It's not the end, it's just the beggining,

I won't forget it, no never,

It can't go on forever.

The inspiration of my life,

Who show the way, the light,

Someone who will always fight,

Not with fists, but with words,

Words of power and faith,

Strength through faith?

It's the question, but true,

But it doesn't matter,

As long as they're true to you.

You know it's the way of life,

But ending it with the edge of a knife,

Never the way to go,

Faith will power through,

Heroes of the past,

Heroes of the future,

Just because you think doesn't mean your the last.

Because you could rise up,

Take pride, and never hide.

It's you with the frown,

But you know that you'll never back down.

I know now,

After all of this,

It's the one thing I found,

The words you told me,

They were the things that gave me strength,

It's what you said that set me free.

I know now,

That it's the way to go,

Following what I think is right,

You showed me the light, the way,

So I might become one with my heroes someday,

Die doing what I do,

Changing the world.

I know I can do it,

It's the strength through faith,

The faith you've given me.

It's never gonna' be about gettin' paid,

I just want you to help me get out of the shade,

And into the light,

Because I know now that it's right.

It's time to get up and walk down my path,

Show them the power and love,

Not my wrath.

It's when you told me and I found,

It's gonna' take more that a bullet to put me down.